As a people we see the change way before others react to it. In today’s time we’ve been living good so long we are denying the signs. Sorry to tell you I don’t like to deny it I like to thrive threw it!

With Covid-19 slowly coming through our neighborhood we are in a heightened state so “FVCK” we have a recession too? As the world adjusts down we are seeing grocery stores empty and dirty people washing their hands. Don’t concentrate on the devil trying to slow it down be the GOD that is prepared when it’s all said and done.

In this podcast, since the R&G came into being at that time; we simply have to go back to those days with a vengeance. Go back to college to get another degree, start setting up your bigger business, change your eating habits, work out and make your life simple again. Until you make your own world (with your own money) we have to survive the faulty one provided for us by these devils. ENJOY!

What If