Welcome back to the R&G and I say that to let you know I’m officially back now too. No more blank weeks without information. No more blank weeks where you say this mfer Freeman man damn. No more blank weeks where you are checking facebook to see if you missed it.

So SGG stands for something’s gotta give and it’s the new year understanding of what we’re dealing with. The recession is coming soon and we have time to prepare for it. You got 11 months to get your money up to survive the next two years. Sure there are mfers watching the apple drop saying it’s going to be a new year so things will be ok.

Welp you got 11 months to get ready for 2021. You got time but are you going to do it! Don’t worry the R&G will be accepting early I fvcked up applications so I’ll start the what to do now part of the R&G in 2021! Enjoy!