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Belie = fail to give a true notion or impression. When you’re young in the game you like to talk like you’re on the grind and things are definitely going to happen. You talk in the same vain you talk to women like big things are happening with me roll with me let me show you.

By the time you are in your late 20’s you realize it’s a lot harder than you thought. Now at this moment you can continue to blow shit up or you can stop lying and start telling what you’re facing daily. It doesn’t mean you’re going to fail it means there’s a real challenge ahead and I’m knee deep in it. I don’t know how this will end but I’m on my mission.

When a Man doesn’t transition here comes a mfer that BELIE ing to everyone but most importantly himself. You don’t have to make shit look glamorous anymore it’s far better to speak what you see and let the world know you going anyway. ENJOY!


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  1. Belie has become the life mantra where one stands stands next to cars that aren’t theirs and take pics. Recycle vacation pics acting as vacation is a way of life. Cashing their paycheck and taking pics with a wad of cash.

    It will always be best to simply take care of the foundational things even if it’s not sexy. You can’t show off owning your house or car or land. But those things will be there no matter what.

    • It’s a PSA to those who think the hustle is motivational speeches with nothing to show for it but the sound of the hustler. It’s like watching every movie on coming up thinking you are on the road. We are often misled by the theme music of the hustle.

      The key is we show off nothing. But, we are teased by that same music and sound to let the world know we are hustling. We are seduced by the sound and find it hard not to listen and just execute.

  2. You ever thought about making a podcast called ” The great Pretenders “.

    • With money you can’t lie forever. Sooner or later the lie becomes a real undertaking or a game you run to get women. It doesn’t mean you can’t speak on it but you have to change the fake vision of success for the fake reason being i’m on the grind!

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