Stop, Drop & Roll

I never knew a time to quit any hustle as I always thought they were great but maybe I didn’t understand the market or I didn’t have the chips to make it bigger. But, as we age we need to only swing at things that are going to hit. We need to evaluate very fast whether this shit has wings and make it fly or watch it die.

The one thing I try not to do is be emotional. If people don’t want it my emotions shouldn’t matter. I can’t be a artist about the chips saying you don’t know good music when you hear it. I have to be the record company about this shit and release the artist so I can concentrate on one who will.

It took me a long time to get to that point. But as time creeps up on me I STOP, DROP & ROLL all the time. ENJOY!


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  1. Bro I been barbering for about two years got my license like you mentioned in your book between those two years no money hasn’t Coming through like that but now it little money is coming through I mean it help me pay my car note I believe money is going start coming through just because I got better At barbering I like the freedom of it and I like the art what do you consider makin money off the hustle and you think I should quit

    • Homie everything takes time and I wouldn’t quit SHIT you got the license. You might need to connect with like minded brothers and build. One on here is LAVA CUTs and you’ll see his name on the facebook site. He’s parlaying a lot of the barber game so build with him. But don’t quit something you know makes money but you haven’t figured out yet.

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