I think we are all feeling a bit optimistic eyeing a recession on the horizon. Isn’t it funny how last recession we were suriving and this one we plan to thrive. The game is cold to the point where many people only way of getting into the game is to wait on a downturn. You got people holding onto money waiting on me to lose my house! Yes, me they are like I know he fixed it up and I would love to live in this area as it’s beyond up and coming it’s imminent.

Check yourself at this time as most of you aren’t launching a business in fact you’re waiting like vultures for families to lose their house. It’s like you stock cats waiting on Amazon to lay off 50,000 workers so you’re stock goes up 2 bucks! If you’re not creating you’re waiting on your own neighbors loss. Devilish intent is behind your customer way of thinking. ENJOY!