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The scavengers are out telling you everything is alright as they are the last to realize things have changed. How many signs from GOD do you need to see before you change to avoid death. Is this the end NOPE but, it’s the end of this run in our lifetime as we have tapped out.

I see it and I’m sure you see it but here’s a podcast to close your mouth and eyes and go with what you see with your 3rd eye.


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  1. The stock market is gambling for wealthy people. Instead of betting on sports teams and horses, they bet on companies. Peace.

  2. I went ahead and played penny stocks when I thought I was learning I lost $500 faster then when I was playing slots in Vegas. Your money barely moves unless there is high volatility and then you have to wait for someone to accept your sell order. I should have just spent that $500 on products and posted ebay!

    • We all live and learn brother! I expect people to try and fail before they accept. But in this game you have to lose money to learn

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