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We can only dream about what we see and most of the time we dream a lot shorter than what is actually out there. Now you can dream some ol wild shit but it’s not based on reality.

In this game your Dream is a vision that you can achieve if you are willing to after it without knowing how you’ll get it. It’s a gut check for a lot of people as they will never take it on and will never live up to what GOD has made them aware of.

For this podcast what you see is possible so once you attain it someone will say why didn’t you go after more? Well get what you see and you’ll be able to Dream again!



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  1. Sometmes I wonder if the concept of nation building is above most black folk. That’s not to demean the majority, but we’re so full of cliche, stereotypes and willful ignorance to what would actually change our lives for the better that sometimes it feels hopeless.

    Building yourself is hard. Building your family up is even more difficult. Building communities even more still. Building a nation of like-minded, actionable people seems so daunting a task that I’m beginning to understand why some would rather let black folk be a commodity than anything else because you’re going to spend your life trying to get people to see the bigger picture when they’re hyper-focused on the pixel placed in front of them.

    I also realize there are those not in the 95% of deaf, dumb and blind who understand the bigger game at play, much like those who visit here and elsewhere, and I wonder how they engage people successfully. I also wonder if the only way to play (and subsequently help others play) the game better is to remove any other option for them yet give them the illusion of choice, which is the path most are on yet don’t know it.

    • It doesn’t take millions to build that nation it takes a critical mass. Even I put out this info for those who can hear and the rest will pick it up after I blow up or am exposed for some reason LOL! My example is always Elijah Muhammad and the Nation as most Black folks have arabic names without knowing, don’t eat pork because they’ve been taught it’s unhealthy and use the jargon of the Nation.

      We don’t need everyone we just need someone. I’m one of those someones!

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