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Dress Down thotiana… You’ll find in life that on the way up you waste a lot of money on bullshit. We listen to others as they tell us how to prepare for something we never lived. The Mfers that still don’t know what’s up will tell you how to eat speak and sheeeiiit.

But, if you know you aren’t going to be there and your goals are bigger than being acceptable you’ll dress down. There will be a time when things are necessary but definitely not in the beginning.

You never get another chance to make a first impression… only applies to those who want to be hired, acceptable and civilized with those with more money than them. The CON is on and you’re the Prey!


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  1. Have not listend but read the discreption . I am guilty of this the last 8 months I ‘ve been listening to these style channels. And they talk about image and looking good. I ended buying three pairs of dress shoes and some other stuff. I mean I get compliments on how I look . But I feel stupid for letting someone influence to buy stuff I Re ally did not need

    • There’s a whole market for people to look successful from the clothes to all the shit you think you need to open up shop. The dress down angle is to build it as you need it but don’t have everything when you’re about to do just above nothing.

      It’s life homie as I had over 5K of shit I found I didn’t need just to look like I made money. When I actually did I was in Dodger Caps in shorts.

  2. When you talk money they dont even fuckin look at that resume man.
    I’ll throw on a suit to sell something but shit man Fb ads got me not needing a suit.
    The hottest chicks be at the gym no makeup.
    Coolest chicks are nerds st the bookstore.
    Wtf I look like dressed for a jazz festival at Golds Gym or chapters like a motivational speaker.
    That jazz festival shit had me dyin up when u said it lol

    Aye you a fool for dat Blueface beat man 😭😭😭

    • Like I said if you about money then any way it comes in is the ticket. All this impressing people will fade as you make money without them. But, for those who are going the job career way even they don’t need to stock up on bullshit.

      Buss down Thotiana LOL

  3. For cats like me who never had a pops teach ’em how to tie a tie, much less how to dress (and no OGs to put me on game), what changed it up for me was stumbling on this book called Details: Men’s Style Guide.

    …All you gotta do is get the essentials and get back to the paper

    • I have that book too. That’s what made me look like the best unemployed brother in Manhattan that day and also what type of suits and colors to get that cost me 3K. Then I learned it’s good to have one or two if needed break glass purposes. Otherwise those suits don’t mean shit but when you hope to get a job selling yourself is important when you hope to sell products you sell a dream….fvck who owns it.

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