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I exist solely to prove that we deserve to own ourselves. All of your examples in your head are people who sold out in a manner that makes a dumb person in business think it was a deal. Now they are teaching you to build for them to cash out for them and to replace GOD’s gift to you with millions and hopefully billions.

Just like the Native Americans… they had the land and they gave them the bible… in the end the Native Americans had Jesus and they had the land. It’s time for this shit to stop


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  1. I feel you DF! I got a rapper homeboy with a little following. He knows I work in digital marketing so he asked me to help him with his campaign. I broke it down to him how to use $0 or low-cost means to set up his business and own the process and cut out the middleman.

    Of course he argued me on that point, saying he’d rather get an investor.

    I’m trying to follow you on the bathroom example, but I’m stuck somewhere:

    If the house costs $250k, and the basic bathroom’s included already, and you can get the upgrade for $15k, are you saying the upgrade would probably cost them less than $7k to do, and they pocket the extra $7k?

    And if that’s just one improvement among many they could do, does that mean they’re overcharging you for the base model stuff too?

    • Yes and yes on the house. But the upgrades are mdore ptofit since they never installed the base which was in the main price. So 250k for base take away the baae bathroom and install the upgrade. They still at 250 now plus ur upgrade. So in the end they make more off of ur upgrade.

      The wprld wants an investor not knowing they are giving up money. Its the con of this generation with raising money for funding.

  2. Ownership is always the goal. I don’t understand this new age idea of not going after ownership of the things one needs to secure their foundation. It seems backwards and nonsensical.

    The man who owns the most needs the least.

    • Exactly! Now it’s somehow smart with money to not own anything. Rent this, use that and never have to own anything. Since this generation can’t afford anything the powers that be said OK you can rent it or license it.

      A whole generation will be on the street the next time something happens. They will have a expensive phone on payments watching movies under a bridge, surrounding a can fire taking hobo baths.

      The CON is strong with them!

  3. The bank interest rate is 5.25.
    You want a loan for $850,000.
    Over 30yrs the total is 1.6million.
    Now if they said it was 5.25%-why dont I just have to pay them bitches $44k on top of that $850k?!
    They said 5.25% but its REALLY 198%.

    The whole game is rigged and suckers think you crazy for not wanting to get raped all through life lol…

    In my eyes you put Nipsey on man real shit!! lol.
    RIP Mr. Hussle tho.
    Its fucked up how all the dick riders pop up…
    I dont wish death on people but why all the weirdos get to exist and people who strive to do real shit always seem to be at risk…

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