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Some things are final and the reason why never really crosses my mind. We all know the possibilities of life and death from our past so when it happens good or bad we just silence ourselves. Those of us who lived with that possibility know it could be us at any time. Those who didn’t always call it senseless and try to make a lesson out of it. Death is final and why just isn’t that important!

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  1. The News really turned into a form of entertainment after 1997. Mix that in with a lil social media now everybody has something to say. I think all this fake love is just this generation’s way of wanting to be seen and heard… and get likes lol

    • I”m actually shocked with so much coverage and outcry and simply shit. Nipsey RIP aside this is a case study to see how many people are fans and how more connected everyone is worldwide. It’s still about exposure with no real love for the main person.

  2. This was the perfect storm in this social media/clout age. What you said about fame is correct. I’ve been listening to Nip since 11-12 never heard his music on the radio in Atlanta. Man gets shot its on the radio. Saw someone go live at the crime scene and said it was a military hit by the government. Had to give social media a break after that.

    • Man, it exposed a lot of fanboys mfers in the world. How many paintings, meme, poetry and fake news from fake places. Fame make everyone think they know you.. His album didn’t go diamond but from the outcry his shit should’ve went Moon Rock in sales. Fame, is a fanboy game homie.

  3. Salute bro , um one of those who first heard Nip via the R&G . Can’t lie was waiting to hear your perspective, appreciate the podcast !

    • Bruh it’s alright I know I gave a different POV but it’s not a mystery to me. You live a life you have to pay the price. It’s not about betrayal nor conspiracy sometimes it’s hood shit and no one knows why but it’s hood shit. Loss is loss and we have to learn there will be another. We fight to get out after a long life of fighting to survive… some of us don’t make it!

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