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Growth depends on how much money you Gross! We all see it in how people pursue making money and the angle in which they choose. If you’re from the bottom you plan on coming up, if you’re from the middle you plan on getting a good job, if you’re from the top you plan on staying at the top. Your growth depends on where you plan to be.

This growth or gross separates you in due time from everyone you know. It’s not about finding a place to fit in it’s about getting yours out of the game. So change for the Hustler is not based on maturity it’s based on the opportunities one sees in their lifetime. ENJOY


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  1. As I’ve gotten older, I came to the same realization- rich isn’t as much about money as it is about time. Time to do what you want when you want to do it. There’s people who may have a lot of money and look rich but are beholden to a schedule that is set by someone else.

    The man who controls his time and only works as he needs to has more wealth than the guy in the corner office.

    That guy on the beach had it all figured out LOL!

    • Rich is money but Rich is also the time and freedom to make money. So that guy on the beach had both and introduced me to another kind of rich. The rich I have now is the ability to live without others and to create things that make money while owning myself and my works.

      It used to be having thing and then it became making things.

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