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To say it’s NOT ALL BAD has to be qualified because to a lot of us it is ALL BAD. Manure grows Grass and Crops, Spit clears your eyes and of course one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It’s all about perspective and sometimes the bad we go through skews our perspective.

Isn’t it ironic that all of hoods are now good places to live or becoming good places to live. All the benefits that we took for granted are now highlights of gentrified neighborhoods. Who knew we were already in paradise? ENJOY

If we survive it we can thrive off of it


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  1. In the course of money-getting, how do you not monetize everything? I’m having a hard time with that one there; I see money in everything, and because of it I think I should try making a buck off it. I watch a video on Youtube? How can I create a channel myself and make it pop. I’m watching the Lakers v. Suns? How can I create merch to sell to the rabid fans. I see everything becoming a blur of hustle, and while I personally enjoy it, I know it’s not healthy, and I should try to enjoy some things separate from the dough selling it would provide.

  2. Hey its good that you see it… now concentrate on the ones you can do right now. Table the rest til your chips get you there. Its very healthy and a blessing to see a way to get more. If you see it in everything then what cant you do? Lets go get it!

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