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Toxic is being thrown around nowadays with no real definition. But, when it comes to this chip game we all know it’s toxic. And, we will become very toxic maneuvering around it trying to get out own. By the game’s very nature we capitalize on, intend to gain money from and hope to outsmart each other in the furtherance of our goals.

So don’t be so scared of someone labeling you toxic. It’s just a phrase that people use nowadays to put people down or on notice. Well now your on notice that you’re toxic but hey so am I!


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  1. Great podcast. They want to control people my age and younger. I liked part about people keeping with what trump says or the news . People live to tell you what they heard someone else say. Also got troy adams book finncial freedom . Very easy read lots of gems gonna go over it again and really digest it

    • Well they are changing what’s acceptable with your generation and punishing a lot of cats who don’t care for the changes. of course it’ll be blamed on evolving but this has more to do with disarming people. It’s a war tactic if you make all the warriors outcasts.

  2. “You can be so much more”. So many caught up because they can’t find the fun in building for themselves.

  3. Big homie DF,

    You had a post about filing corporate taxes even if you’re taking a loss in year one, I can’ find it now. Mind linking me to that form you said we should fill out?

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