We’re only the Minority when you’re trying to be part of the majority. Otherwise we’re the majority of our thoughts, likes, reasoning and visions. How can you ever really influence the majority when their ways of life dominate. Instead you can dominate your own visions and ways of life without considering them at all.

You have been dealt a bad hand by always thinking you can’t win them over… when you’re not supposed to.


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  1. HIStory:
    20 white men bring 600 slaves twice a month even during hurricane season, and breed us like pitbulls to get 10million slaves by 1800s.
    Real facts:
    8 white men, 4 Africans from Spain on a boat come to 2 continents FULL of black people wearing gold and had farms and an established economy. After learning our system, out of hate, jealousy and laziness, they start kidnapping ppl from Virginia and taking them to Lousiana or Xaymaca(Jamaica) plantations. In the 1500s, they INITIALLY call us Copper Colored savage pagan Indians that needed to be purged by Christ, then by the 1800s, signed hella treaties, then eventually freed the slaves because we weren’t going for the bullshit, AND they needed help during the civil war-eventhough they were tha majority people in foreign land(lmfao?!)…

    Math Facts: black families traditionally had from 8-14 kids until the 80s. White birth rate been negative since the 90s.

    Unless white ppl been doing HELLA fukking then hiding the kids-how the hell are we the minority?!😂🤣😂

    Wild card: There’s a growing population of Educated Civilized Christian Negroes who wish to partake in cottage cheese and mortgage payments. People from the hood dont fill out census forms or any other shit asking random questions especially since the Census Bureau originally used to write us down as “illiterate negro” even if we were “Indian” owners of land…

    Freeman was right. “Blacks are the minority when they wanna be other people!”

    • Other groups seem to function and grow without worrying about other groups. I fail to understand why ours almost bake it into our plans. We only need to compare when we are trying to be them otherwise just do us.

  2. Whats up brother. Its been a long time since I posted so decided post now. Ive been riding with you since the beginning, took those early lessons to get to ground zero. and it was a grind walking through hell. Im now working on a 5 year plan. a 5 year plan to make a mill. trying to get it sooner rather than later. just wanted to let you know im still here, still lurking, still on the grind. I tell people all the time if it wasn’t for you I would be dead or in jail. Salute!!!!!

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