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The flow of life always brings up crap that you could get caught up in. Today, the topic seems to be Trump and who is going against him next year. Now recently I jumped in some TMZ shit on Facebook only to deliver one point… Why are you so caught up in this that you are actually championing shit like you really know. After about 65 comments from various kats I said maybe I need to put in perspective on a podcast… ENJOY!


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  1. Yeah freeman I am guilty in being with this shit watching the news . Reading the twitter feeds. Lots of wastes time on this. Not just this but other bullshit like r kelly and other. I got step away from this shit. Slow down my intake on all this shit. .focus on what said getting out debt stacking bread owning all your shit . And have a income outside of a job

    • Yeah as you know this kind of podcast is a repeat that I like to throw out everytime shit is getting out of hand. We are in another of those times. There has to be something that triggers you to stop being so caught up in this shit. I usually just turn off the news channels or stock channels as I don’t really care. Then I’m able to double back on my own shit again.

  2. Non-Cent$ at its finest. Life’s a dog and pony show, and politics are the grand championships.

    • NON-CENTS, INTAKE AND NOW CAUGHT UP. Same message different times in life as they pop up I try to address them. All this shit is fake but we like to be part of the con as all the followers keep talking about it.

  3. Man I’m noticing something.
    Them old bigots are dying off because all their antics costs everybody money. ANYBODY can create a bandwagon. Even white girls want braids now…Slowly but surely American politics gonna look like a Toronto grocery store.
    Kamala Harris;
    Black name.
    Jamaican dad.
    Indian mom.
    Grew up in Cali. She COULD be Trini! Lol
    If she come turn up at Caribana I’d vote if I was American. Fuck it! It wont matter either way lmao!
    Man I dont even know who our prime minister is how much Idgaf about politics…dont even matter.
    FB & IG & YT improved their ad posting process & Trump just slashed corporate taxes but people still crying about job shit…it sucks for them people who got they stuff cut tho. Ergo why I’m doing everything I can not to EVER need any of that shit. I dont think you can even get assistance when your punch card says 90hrs/week.

    If you think a DA ain’t sendin mufukkas to prison you out ya damn mind lol. I seen them posts about her. I’d sell anti Kamala shirts but I bet them ppl crying are broke LOL!

    It’s too much cash out here now to be taking everything personal man. Souljaboy sellin video game consoles. That’s WAAY more revolutionary than the dudes cryin about Kamala. That new Cardi B video was lit btw!

    We all knew R Kelly was a weirdo but nobody want to talk about Surviving Pizzagate…Everybody believe they can fly and also believe Elvis is the Rockstar of all time like James Brown wasnt the coldest-and always had bad grown women.
    This is America lol

    • Bruh it’s the Never Ending story with new magical animals and levels of being part of the story. Mfers are taking shit and getting likes and getting gratification from posting other people shit. Then we got cats saying they did research by copying other folks writing. Man, Homie, Bruh Trump got everyone in this country saying some wild shit.

      I just try to get my folks to refocus and stop cosigning stupid shit like they are informing/warning/advising us on shit we have no control over. This is the ignorant challenge part two right after mfers talking about Bitcoin.

      I know TV is powerful but now we got mfers defending fiction!

  4. If Black people keep supporting people who don’t support us back, there is no future. Just look at the White man next to Kamala’s side to see who she supports. At least Obama thought ahead to play the long con by marrying a Black woman. Look at Kamala’s actions as an attorney general and it proves she is for herself, not Black people.

    • Bruh why go so in depth when no one is going to have our agenda in mind. We are a minority but they con us by giving us the feeling we move the needle. We are used over and over again so when will we stop.

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