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Everything comes from the dirt so why are you so averse to digging in? I’ve looked young homie and I usually return to doing it all myself when something needs to start. Maybe I just have never been rich enough or comfortable enough to allow other people to be part of the foundation of anything I’ve done.

As we enter another year I’ve come to realize I start at the bottom over and over again to make sure I’ve done everything I could to succeed. I respect the game and the way GOD has layed it out… how low will you go to plant the seeds and reap the harvest.


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  1. At the end of the day doing it yourself gets it done right.
    Getting the prices, building the website, making calls, plotting ad campaigns…what’s funny is Theres a whole industry of DIY how to dial a number how to do this how to that Let’s learn how to staple to the point people become celebrities for motivating lazy scary ppl to just pick up a phone after they get hung up on lol

    What you are saying right here is why 190% of ppl out here buy business plans. They need a loan because they cant just pitch over and over again.

    • Guts & Heart bruh! Whenever someone is trying to find a way to get around what must be done I look at them like they are a coward. Mfers in the pursuit of chips act like its having multiple techniques but it’s really about just doing and you’ll find out what has to be done on the road. Mfers need to get on the road!

  2. Big homie DF!

    I was re-reading through Dollar15 and I had a question about one of the hard skills you listed that you mentioned being in yourself; what’s the biz model for the customs broker? Is it face to face mostly or can it be done over the phone and computer mostly? If it’s something that can be done from home or my own office, can you make some good coin at it? I don’t mean to pry, just curious from an inside view of the hustle.

    • No one visits a customs broker at all. You can do it at home but you have to get yourself a good client like a big forwarder as plenty of people live off of one major client. Since the whole game is going digital then you really don’t even need to be close to Customs any longer.

      A simple plan of how much money you need to make will tell you how big you want to be. If you are trying to make millions then you have to do alot of entries and you need to be in certain places aka a office bldg. If you are just trying to not work for anyone any longer you can be in your garage or home office. A lot of people start in their own home and as they grow they hire people and then get a office.

      A website, a working telephone number, the customs broker software and simply looking up freight forwarders in your area and calling. Its easier to go get you a entry writer job and learn the game first hand and then leave with some senior connections who can show you what to do when you get stuck.

      Its easier now than when I started as I was here when we literally had to get papers stamped and signatures. Nowadays that shit doesn’t exist.

      • Homie if I didn’t know you was telling truth I’d swear you was lying. The game is that sweet? Why ain’t there more brothers and sisters out here getting to that paper? 85%, huh?

        Damn, you got me ready to jump into the water on that one. I’m good with computers too. Let me get my paper together and see about that test then. I heard it was a hard one but I only gotta pass that bitch one time.

  3. I had to replay this one about 3 times. Nobody wants to be around when it’s time to do the dirty work and hard work. But everyone wants the benefits when it’s done.

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