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Business isn’t new to Black folks but to a lot of us it is. A common issue is those of us who make it we want to prove to people we aren’t like the ones who can’t put shit together. As a result sometimes we go out into the world as motivation to change and challenge the racism against our race. You’ll hear it as people say I had to show them that we are not all like whatever negative we’re labeled with.

But, in this chip game our creativity can be taken by their curiosity. We freely give away our gifts or the secret in the sauce because we feel like we’re changing the mind of a devil one at a time. It happened to me when I first started out when someone asked me why I’m faster and then a year later my advantage disappeared as that devil told the others. ENJOY!


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  1. Real. MFin. Talk! I came to this very same realization less than a month ago. I was pissed because none of the hustles I was doing with others was working and it dawned on me why that was:

    I was the one doing the research, laying out battle plans and everything and when it came to the other people, they’d be like ‘okay’ but wouldn’t act on it. Then, I’d fall back a bit and they’d come back like what’s up with XYZ and I’m like what’d you do with what I put together? Crickets.

    It’s one thing to come together with everybody pitching in, but another if you do everything except pull the trigger and the ball stops bouncing once you pass it. After I dissolved this last partnership, I swore that if I ain’t the boss, I’m a mercenary doing a specific role for specific chips and then I’m F’n GHOST. Ain’t no we except me and mine and if you ain’t in as deep as I am, I ain’t as deep in as you are.

    • Homie no one is coming with you… they’ll jump in the car after you make it. It’s always been mercenary time with these chips. No emotion, no loyalty just in and out with the cash. IF their enemy hires you then you make money coming and going.

      Got to stop asking people and telling people just build it and they will hate.

  2. It’s no accident that if they know you’re black-they get mad when you ask them a question they can’t answer. It’s ALWAYS because they want to know WHY you want to KNOW. It makes them terrified to know you are searching for information that threatens their way of life. They hope you’re the only black guy in any particular business and really wish you’d close down. They want us leasing cars-not abs plastic and extruded aluminum. They want us renting condos-not buying cnc machines.
    What they barely learn in years-we MASTER in months!

    Man I recently learned that they didnt have a 400yr head start. It was only over 120yrs-if that.
    All Whites and some black devils came together like Voltron to take over America. Our whole get down across North and South America was do for self black wallstreet. Thats why in South America and Carribean, all the whites live off the coast and most blacks are in cities and towns in the middle of the map-and been there forever….They first called us Indian then Colored then Negro then Black then African American via the census and altering vital statistics documents to hide our history and support the middle passage lie. They built their whole shit with murder & robbery 1400s-1700s and then 1800s began indoctrination via education so our great grandparents wouldn’t know who they were. If they didn’t integrate us into their system, their businesses would have died. It’s no accident the great depression was around the same time as Tulsa bombing then miraculously their economy picked up. Then years later they wanna give civil rights and let us work in their companies by the time our history has been wiped, we all think we were imported African slaves. But when you Google black Indian or Negro 1700s, 1800s its black dudes in suits on a carriage wagon. THOUSANDS of “black” names on land ownership deeds.
    We were ballin man! They STILL digging up skulls with diamonds in the teeth…

    I just saying all that to say this;
    They KNOW what we are.
    There’s no need to show them we aren’t the propaganda they created. Really when they come around us it’s usually to make sure WE HAVE NO CLUE of what we are!
    They’re dead without us.
    What they go to school for 4-10yrs for-we pick up the tools and learn in a MONTH!!
    I give them no insight whatsoever man. NONE.
    I extract information for my needs and get em away from me.
    It’s no accident they get mad when they know you’re black and you ask them a question they can’t answer.

    • Bruh the world is set up to give the devil a chance and maybe just maybe this one will be OK. As the victims they gave us the religion to forgive them and anyone who doesn’t go along with it is persecuted.

      Bruh even when I said our creativity is taken advantage of by their curiosity. You don’t think their are people listening to this thinking we need to share?

      • Man that’s facts! As soon as I realized that I said damn man let me set up a buffer system and keep what’s mine.

        I think all that “First African American to…” “Educate yourself & be good black folk” stuff as if we just appeared on earth in 1960 and needed to learn from whites is where that comes from. You notice they brag to the heavens about the peanut butter dude that showed Ford how to make billions off production but act like AG Gaston ain’t even exist lol. Bro we never heard of AG Gaston in school man and that mind state is what solves poverty.

        People who go around helping ppl who dont like them-just to be thought of as a good person are called suckers out here lmao

        • You can’t fault them as they all have battered woman syndrome. You could beat the hell out of them and they still see the good in you. Mental slavery where you see one thing and let white Jesus make you act another way is our real problem.

      • Not to be funny, but that reminds me of that Black Panther movie; everybody was like “Wakanda needs to share” while Killmonger was like “Nah, we good over here.”

        • Well Kilmonger was right was on a lot of T-shirts… lets you know what we think instead of what we are fed!

          • Too many good black folk wanna be the blond running in the woods in a Jason movie…you look good until a knife come out…

            I aint watch the movie, but quotes and fight clips let me see enough to know Killmonger was right…until he challenged Roy Jones Jr-wait that wasn’t in the movie?! Lmao

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