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I know you hear about security for your house and your car and even online but what about you? What can you do early in the game to insure you won’t need bodyguards and take extra precaution when you live your life. In my lifetime I’ve learned from others that they have little to no conversations about money and even if they do they downplay it to such a extent it sounds like he’s teaching a Aesop Fable. In this game we need to be self-aware of what we put out and what we need to dead in others who know about our pockets. It’s not paranoia when you start applying angles before the threat exists… it’s called preparation. You imagine what you are going to do  before you get it right?…. how about you imagine how you going to make sure no one even knows you have it! ENJOY!


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  1. Man in high school my door got kicked in from that “naw this guys cool man” bullshit…my fault tho not setting up pylons around the perimeter…

    Throughout the years I had an epiphany. Most ppl dont want to get money. They want to brag about buying your shit lol. Nobody wants to buy machines and learn how to use them and build websites and all that naw.

    They just want the new Yeezys…or whatever else somebody spent millions on facebook ads for them to want this year.
    But people like that cause problems for those who just want money…
    Its weird man.

    • Exactly! Once you realize what they really want you can sell it to them and you can easily avoid them. If you don’t partake in their cultural ways you can be almost another race aka they don’t know where you go as long as you can hook them up. It’s trying to be both that fvck you up as you want to the supplier and the party thrower and that’s when they realize you got the raw and want the stash.

      Those of us who want empires are a threat to those who make money off of the stupid. That’s why people are killed as it’s not the threat you think it’s the threat to make the followers not believe in them.

  2. I’m not a trick or a simp like the average person out here chasing momentary happiness but I’m curious as to what ya’ll find entertaining at the chip chasing level? I’m bored stiff with the common life activities and I think the only thing that keeps me at 97% hustle versus all in is the fear that I get everything I’ve ever wanted (which again, isn’t that trick mindset)and even the thrill of creating new and bigger things becomes a chore, the same way my 9-5 is now. How many rings can you win as a player and coach before you start looking for new challenges? I can imagine Y’all brothers are much farther along in the game. Mind putting me up on what that next corner looks like before I hit it?

    • Peace ia the first achievement. No longer is ur mine consumed with making money from others favor you have peace in knowing you can do it. Next is dominance as first you want to gwt in it now you want to dominate as competing for money is burden. You have to find your niche and dominate. There you go! Peace of mind and life is next.

      • Thanks brother Freeman; that’s exactly what I was looking for. For a minute I was stuck in that “kid on bike sees man in car” mindset, and now I think I understand—coming and going as one pleases is its own rewards. The toil you put into starting up a business gets paid back when you open up #2, #5 and #20.

        Knowing that barring any apocalyptic event happening, you’ll never have to clock into a mfers plantation ever again must be the sweetest fruit imaginable. That’s why I continue planting seeds, anyway.

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