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So What I’m From the Hood? Whenever someone finds out you grew up in either a violent or poor and most of the time violent and poor area you get judged. Most of my life I avoided letting people know I’m from Compton because I just didn’t want the stupid questions and the weird judgment like I’m a educated thug. Then I realized why am I adjusting my life and my gifts to be acceptable to them. These mfers can’t stop me as I’m not even going to work for a fortune 500 or join your social group. I realized I didn’t come here to fit in I came here to get mine by any means necessary. And, being from Compton is a strength not a weakness and my success has a lot to do with what I had to deal with and overcome on the way up.

FreeMan you from the hood huh?… not from here but Yeah! That means I am concerned about my P & Q’s more than dotting my I’s and crossing my T’s!

P’s = Money, Paper – Q’s = my surroundings…… ENJOY!


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  1. I think social conditioning is so powerful that any deviation from “normal” makes people weirded out. Like I told a girl Im from Detroit but she’s like “you dont sound like it?!”. Yeah she right I never lived a mile from Eminem where they stab for sneakers and they cut ya utilities off when you late because we all talk the same. Mind you she from Northern Canada so she definitely a expert. Like wtf she even ask for, if I was a martian or Wakandan would it change her life?! lmao. Or when Im on a moving gig with just apples and water and dudes doubting my strength like “man you little you need meat & carbs!” Then 20mins later they all tired needing rest from pasta lol. Or when I talk about electrospinning carbon nanotube ink on foil for large batteries and how energy generators are nothing more than copper wires and metal in “Build a Nation in Africa for years but still Havent even Been there Yet and make videos bashing dudes for building a life in a place we’re familiar with due to family & logic” forums-Im a white agent lol

    People dont think for themselves man It is what it is.

  2. This is the crux of reality in the game. Right out the hustle bible prophetically worded. No Chaser! Salute !

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