So What I’m From the Hood? Whenever someone finds out you grew up in either a violent or poor and most of the time violent and poor area you get judged. Most of my life I avoided letting people know I’m from Compton because I just didn’t want the stupid questions and the weird judgment like I’m a educated thug. Then I realized why am I adjusting my life and my gifts to be acceptable to them. These mfers can’t stop me as I’m not even going to work for a fortune 500 or join your social group. I realized I didn’t come here to fit in I came here to get mine by any means necessary. And, being from Compton is a strength not a weakness and my success has a lot to do with what I had to deal with and overcome on the way up.

FreeMan you from the hood huh?… not from here but Yeah! That means I am concerned about my P & Q’s more than dotting my I’s and crossing my T’s!

P’s = Money, Paper – Q’s = my surroundings…… ENJOY!