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You were born into it for richer or poorer so the only way out is to simply Cash Out! When you hear people say when I win the lottery you’ll never see me again they are saying they are cashing out. When you hear gamblers step away from the table or a athlete quit while they can still walk or a talented personĀ  not take the money and just walk away they are cashing out. It’s not about money it’s really about getting out of situation you can’t control into one you can. A lot of mfers have the money to walk away early in this game but think it’s for that suckerism called leveling up. But, if you see a way out cash out immediately… you’ll find something better to do with your freedom! ENJOY!



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  1. The message in this one resonates with me since I’ve always believed that having the time to do what one wants is the true sign of freedom. Even moreso than money. Controlling when and how you work is the true sign of someone who knows what they’re doing in this life.

    I left my most recent job first week of September. No particular reason. No BS from management. No issue with the salary. No sideline hate. Just didn’t feel like working 9 to 5 anymore. When co-workers asked me what was I going to do, I would always say “Well, I don’t know. I’m taking a sabbatical until further notice.” The looks on their faces were pure comedy. The look of “How is this dude going to leave the plantation without another plantation lined up? And he’s black! I’m white, and I’m still stuck in this cubicle. What the hell is this?!” LMAO!

    So far, I work when I need to make money. I have several sources of income coming in. I drive Uber, have my Ebay store, royalties from my books, have mobile apps making money, rent out my car on Turo, etc. Like you said, it’s not as hard as people make it out to be. People focus more on the money than the time.

    When you do what you want, you don’t need as as money as those on the plantation since you’re not spending so much on getting ready for the plantation. Plus, people tend to be miserable working jobs. So, they tend to splurge on living as much life as possible on the weekends and holidays.

    I’m open to working some contract gigs if the money is right and the time frame is short. Make some quick money and then dip.

    Nothing but the truth on this one!

    • Enjoy the freedom as it doesn’t mean you don’t have to work, it’s just that you work for yourself. Everything you do and don’t do will directly effect you so its motivating and scary at the same time. But, if you are willing to do whatever you see can be done you’ll always have enough money.

      The first thing I lost was weight and then stress. I didn’t need to eat as much nor did I have to wake up and hurry up to sit down. Life changes instantly and you have to discipline yourself to yourself not to others. It’s shakes up the world and makes you never want to go back.

  2. Quality words! Couple questions (if you don’t mind me asking big homie):

    1) What’d you end up flipping those three G’s on?

    2) When you bought your house, what were the determining factors that made you get that particular one versus any other you saw?

    • I got home and sold my car for more than I bought it for by getting a paint job and making it clean. I bought two cars and fixed up one to sell and another that was more solid than my driving car. I kept on selling cars that the hood wanted like Cutlass’ and Impalas to fix and flip then. Now it’s not like I sold100 of them as I did it about 6 times to turn that 3k to 18k with a better car in a matter of 6 months.

      The house was chosen based on to proximity to where I could always get a job and where I could get away. I looked at real value not perceived value like land and space. I looked at security as I live in a place where you can’t park in front of my house so whomever turns in my driveway is doing it on purpose. I looked for a forgotten neighborhood that has the right specs, freeways, proximity to where I want to be and Black Folks.. the only place I can just be a Black Man is amongst my own.

      Lastly I wanted a area that served my current needs and mine in the future. I bought the house for cheap and years later it has tripled. So whether I tear this house down or build a bigger one I’m good and it can be aplace for years to come.

  3. Man you got me reconsidering somethin I kept glancing at but never paid attention to.

    I was looking at getting a used electric car for $15K. However a couple years ago I seen a commercial tshirt printer bout the same price. I recently checked on it again and it clicked.

    See this current gig, that car wont increase the cash coming in, it just will pay itself off in 2 yrs from not buying gas. That printer could quadruple itself in months man.

    Smh lol I been flipping products here and there looking how they are made and what machines do it and now I am reading cnc machine brochures & manuals…

    and I forgot to double back to something HELLA simpler!

    • Unless you are about to cash out and life is going to change aka raise your lowest level then the money can be flipped. Now once you say I bought a building in Manhattan and I rent out the first 5 floors and live on the 6th than we have to keep flipping.

      Now with that 15k machine you create shirts for others while still building your own. Commercial means big numbers so you have to change your mind to this is a business not something that could become a business. McDonalds cooked on open grills Ray Croc bout the machines that make the game consistent and created the empire.

      • Yeah I get that! Thats why Im always looking at the next best option to get there as fast as possible. See I cant get the house yet-but I can get the cheaper apartment. I then can use that extra money can go towards ink & shirts etc. I change cars, the house is 5yrs away-I buy a machine & materials…man the way I run my presidential campaign it could pop by next summer!

        Oh yeah man thats my whole purpose! I want machines that when you push buttons shit duplicates lol. I dont want to be the next streetwear brand or make trendy tees every month nah. I want to let everybody else do all that and I press they’re shirts. I have trade show lists and I also know where all the shops are, what they charge, what machines they have etc. Them things can make over hundred an hour as long as its running and Ill be damn I let it sit there!

  4. Hey DF,

    I came across a book that I think would clear up a lot of issues young boys and men of all ages face. It’s called The Way of Men by Jack Donovan and here’s a .pdf version to share:

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