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We love dreaming about what we going to do when we get there but there comes a limit. When we living in the future and do nothing with the present we can sound like smart idiots. We can sound like people who should have come up because we are always on it but have done nothing with it. The Window nowadays is not the department store it’s Social Media, being popular and the chief sucker move being in the know. We should be concentrating on our shit and hear of their shit so we can be in our dough. ENJOY!


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  1. This podcast hit home for me freeman. For the last last year i have been off my grind. i did all of what you said keeping with what rich people are doing how much this fearri cost , how much this house in oakland hills cost. driving through rich neighboorhoods in the bay admirng the wealth. But not doing anything about just admring it. I have not been on my hustle like i was when i first lisitned .YOu told me a year ago to increase my hustle but i did not act on i kept doing the same thing until i just stopped all toghher. I have been focusing on a majority of shit that does not help me .Just useless info. keeping eith this shit like i am part of it . i also been doing the investing in the stock market. BUt one thing like you said is you have to have moeny alrealdy. Its not for broke people. I still do it but it be better flipping in real ife then betting
    on all i have on something i have no control off.

    i Have to get back to the essence of what i listend to you for to make money, and be under no man. I have slipped hard this last year . Focsuing on all this shit. Focsuing on what millionaire and rich people do . when i do not even i have A Mill ticket to my name .
    i need to focus on how to make money for me . wacthing tv shows like power like i am that person when im not even close to that level
    Sorry freeman you struck a nerve with me on this on gonna go back this week and lisiten to some the old r and gs the got insprired to go down the path i did in the first place

    • It happens homie as I even said on there I got caught up in it too. Once you start yo see your angle produces riches you go to see whats rich and how much. Go back to the basics and reassert yourself and build it so you can live it not talk about it.

  2. When I was a child, I I talked like a child…It’s hard for many young brothers to leave those fancies behind. They live lives they don’t want and lie to themselves they’re going hard but can’t escape the proclivities they used to enjoy. Getting grey in the face and fat in the waist trapped in their wn minds trying to justify the bullshit they do but so lost they can’t focus on getting out of it. Didn’t you say one time that we should feel sorry for the man who can’t straighten himsel out? I think that happens a lot because they don’t have any idea what it takes to actually create a better life.

    • Alot of kats lose gocus but thats 85%. When a man succeeds he stands out because he stuck to it.

      Kats want to be popular and look like money, talk like they hustling and havent made it cuz they grinding. All talk no action.

      • Quick question big homie:

        What parts of town do you favor for hustling? I’m looking for space to get a laundromat up and rolling, maybe Decatur or Chamblee. Any parts of the A stick out to you?

        • Always the southside bcuz its cheap and its neglected. Otherwise up buford highway as thats a big population of hispanic families.

  3. Man through the years I actually went to all the neighborhoods and lots like you said man! Well I googled the L.A. ones because Im in Canada lol. That Rodeo Drive makes Bridle path look poor. At first I was like damn these people are rich man 11million for this big house! Then I see 30million dollar triple floor lofts on the water in Cali and apparently thats regular down there! Then Im at the car lot”The amg gt is 200K but the MCLAREN (basic one) is 200K!” But the REAL Mclaren is 2million tho. Then I stopped and said man its ALWAYS better shit to buy every year so let me focus on what really matters and find me find better shit to thrive! I could get 4 Leafs fully logo wrapped that would make amg gt money every year so let me stop window shopping so much. That down payment could go towards injection molding or 3d printing equipment. The price on abs plastic pellets makes you see how disrespectful a $2000 bumper repair is-but thats the game!

    Im in a wierd mental space now man. Im holding a 600W light to eccentuate a car mirror while my thoughts drift off and I find myself thinking everyone is lying. media is lying. The banks are lying the car lot is lying the suppliers are lying. And when I pick this camera up Im lyin my ass off this just plastic and metal lmao! But instead of admiring and wanting all this overpriced stuff, Instead of inspiration books & videos Im reading patents & research reports and saving diagrams and watching tutorials on this thing. Its like these big machines keep getting cheaper and cheaper every year man and I aint buying a house until I can cash out in another city man I dont want a mortgage.

    • Shit i. Like that amg gt too. But as you say on the way up money could be used for building. I use to call it frost as i could a box caake with no frosting. I was in business still slumming with chips for a year before my homie said damn are you ever going to live a little.

      Cash out homie as thats the freedom. If you can buy how you sleep and get around all you have is food and utilities… and thats like 500 a month… aka mcdonalds money

      • Man you right 1000% thats why in a minute Im about to rearrange my life again and keep smashin until I get to that point man! Bills is not really that high and Im thriving but I want to get it way lower so its really nothing!

        Idgaf man like if cats seen how I was living theyd trip out but at the end of the day I’ll be thankful af for my sacrifices!

        • Bruh it’s never to late to get right. Smart ain’t never been popular ignorance is all over the world. Get Right Get Right!

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