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We have predetermined roles in this life that people accept us in. For a long time we have lost because we have been taught to not knock over the game and fvck up breakfast. But, these roles are all shit and come from what we think of ourselves, what we have been warned against and finally what we believe is acceptable. So anyone who breaks out of these predefined roles will face backlash and shock not because you are wrong but because it’s comfortable for them. A whole generation of us have been burned accepting the brainwashed roles. We aren’t the first but we may be the only one we know of… ROLES ARE CONTROL! Be GOD as we can do whatever we want, take advantage of the visions we have and go past what others who don’t know us expect of us. ENJOY!


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  1. The mentality of money! I think people forget that in the intro and this is a podcast to remove a mental block we probably arent thinking about.

    Roles and burnt rolls😀

  2. Welcome back Free!
    Hope you been well! I am meeting a potential distributor (retail) for my product tomorrow. Do you have any tips?


    • The distributor is a gas station company (the little store you hop in after you pump gas)

      • Ask them what is there favorite vendor and how does he work. Once he explains things you copy that other vendors style. By bringing that up you sound like you are working on his time and his way and thats respect. Make sure you understand repayment terms and returns if any. Bring up introducing more products in the future and ask what products does he want a lower price on and see if you can source them. The more products the more diverse the chips and you change into volume which is better for everyone

        • Good looking out, had an overall good meeting. Their repayment terms is a beast tho. I will need to fall back on Just in Time manufacturing to avoid spending too much on the electricity bill

          • Bruh, you got the information that is needed to play the game. That’s the 1st step so once you perfect that you’ll be able to expand the game to their competition.

            All you need to know is it’s possible it’s your job to make it happen. No Luck just Execution.

  3. 100% Welcome back bruh appreciate the good game as usual. We out chea’ Salute !

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