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You might get a sense you are walking by yourself through this world. You might get the sense that you are so smart you can’t hang with normal folk. Truthfully we are the Pioneers to the game and we are the ones they will name their kids after. We are the ones they will use as inspiration. But we don’t get anything from it but loneliness and martyrdom. But, without us there is no progress as we are the reason they try. So do things because you can without worrying about attention or appreciation. GOD rose us up from the regular to show them a new way of life. ENJOY!


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  1. Glad to see that killer flu ain’t take you down Black Man! Just to clarify, when you say ‘black’ business, are you saying black-owned or black-owned and catering to black people?

    For example, you mention your homie with the taco spot; are they traditional tacos or tacos more specific to a black audience?

    • Both but making sure your core serves the black community to guard against racism.

      The taco spot is in the black area but serves anyone that walks in. Its no different than Koreans being in our community we need to build from oura and invade theirs. The opportunity is with us.

  2. Freeman welcome back brother. I definitely experienced individuals not understanding why I was flying all over the world connecting my dots through the training I was receiving. It all panned out in the end and now everyone that had doubts seems to want to be put on. The struggle was real but the payoff is golden homie!!!

    • From one pioneer to another Brother believe me I understand. Now just make sure that you somehow keep control over your gifts. People will trade money, recognition and even one golden egg…. when we’re the goose.

  3. DF, how do you get past the feelings that Atlanta is full of rubes and non-savvy business people? I’m trying to open up shop down here but it’s hard when you have to hand hold every potential client you meet! I guess I haven’t found a better way to qualify those that are really trying to make chips vs those just playing at business. That, and this place seems dusty and run down compared to LA or even Dallas.

    • Truthfully there’s no competition because most people are here playing around trying to be Hollywood. Just do what you came to do and don’t look for interaction aka to put people onto game. ATL is a place full of middle class living and lower class aggressvieness. If you stay out of their way you’ll buy things like there’s no tomorrow and own whole neighborhoods.

      Your mistake like all of us is to find like minded people when they simply don’t exist. Just do what you came to do and don’t think twice. If you have no friends here who you can build with have friends that help you to relax from nation building.

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