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You’ll see people again but really they’ll see you. If you about it you’ll be in another position, on the other side of the table, in traffic and sometimes over their boss. In the end they’ll see you doing your own shit and yes they’ll shit on you. The loser who said be nice you’ll see people on the way up as you see on the way down hopefully is dead in hell fire in piss. You won’t see them again but they’ll see you and you’ll find a sense of joy in watching those who hate you see you in a bigger position and hope you don’t remember them.

Yes, It’s me Freeman practicing with the Boomerang


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  1. I think what you saying happens because their fake strengths come from how ignorant they perceive us as. Thats why they hate and fear our intelligence man.

    One time on a break I was at a camera store in greasy sweats asking detailed questions about how two lenses performed. I don’t act an ass or undermine people’s intelligence but dude got so mad and it was basically because he couldn’t see ANYTHING other than I dont go along with some old white dude telling me “It’s just a better lens and since you’re just getting started, all that techy stuff wont make a difference.”
    Not gonna explain here how much of a difference it would make for what I need it for, but it was like telling a warehouse foreman “A forklift is too techy for you just use a ladder” But on the way there I’m on the phone with some other people for something else and they explain the intricate details and applications of graphene dispersion machines because this DEFINITELY ain’t young black man with no chemistry or engineering background that dont give a damn about sneakers and video games and can easily understand how to put a battery together. See that lady saw in you what she thought is impossible. Thats why that dumb shit come up about not saying good morning. They need SOMETHING to be better than because they aint shit!

    Oye check out Big Pun-Boomerang
    You probably heard it while in NY but still it’s a classic. Not that backpack rap shit either!

  2. Hey Freeman any updates on RFK, that book we donated for? It’s been a really long time (the link’s not even up on this site anymore) since anything was said. I’m not trying to come at you wrong or nothing and $20 ain’t gonna break me. I bought every book you wrote so far (even that workplace one you co-signed) and want the next one homie

    • I”m about a year or so away actually I’m trying to buy someone elses system. Otherwise it’ll take like 6 months to a year to form it all. It’s in the plans and it will come into being. Nothing wrong with you asking me when as I have been behind on a lot of personal shit. The book should be coming out in the next month as I’m wrapping them up now. No harm done and no offense taken… I said something and you are wondering when. It’s natural and I’ll deliver!

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