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If you never  offer them anything they can never take it away! When people find out you are going to be you despite what the masses do you will get hate. If you can’t be stopped and they stop the game they’ll fvck up your name. As you get older in experience you’ll find out one truism in life “If you don’t let them determine who you are and where you want to go, you’ll be satisfied with yourself” In this public case we have a Man who was denied only because they wanted to shame him and he decided to take his talents and gifts and deny them. When you own yourself, your talents and your achievements you’ll be shamed the same way. So why start down the road looking for recognition?


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  1. Just off the intro text hit home ! As always gratitude bro!

    As an aside, I my notice my comment text is invisable had to highlight it to see what I said.

    SALUTE !

    • The whole spam catcher always take some kats comments away but once I logon I get them. Glad to see you around brother it’s been a while and I know you still on it.

  2. In the words of the great Bossmack-“Homie you turnin around and yellin at the choir!” lmao. Man just us winning pollutes their little world. They need slander media, super robots super unfair laws super weapons & super security. Remember them Captain Planet toys where when it get hit he change colors and he need cold water to go back regular?! Well some of us know they soft as a action figure…Lol

    In all seriousness it’s really the same story over and over. We consistently do something fly while the others grow in envy and talk s#it and throw salt from the bleachers. In retrospect these sports entertainment and consumer goods industries are really ours. 3trillion spending power and quite a few of us have products in this sector. It’s just not enough dots haven’t connected yet. There’s hella black businesses that think advertising is just some coupons in a mailbox…think about it man, if I pay a top BIG3 player to do video ads and give him a year supply of my sports drinks to guzzle on IG everyday, then Bossmack gives another player a bunch of gear and cash on condition thats the only brand he wears publicly, then Dame Dash hosts ppv games on his network, then my homie runs ads for his bbq sauce delivery, then we all pay and harass Dj Akademiks, Tariq and Tommy to keep tabs and talk about all of it…

    Freeman after enough time goes by, all that nfl nba shit will die out. Then all they’ll have left is wack players and gay cheerleaders lmao.

  3. Yo Freeman,

    Been down with you since finding you back in 2012 when I was searching the net for side hustles. I am a first generation Latino that came up in Black/Latino neighborhoods of south Chicago.

    I always found it difficult to find someone to relate to my way of thinking and hustling. Always loved your saying “ You gotta be Korean with these mfs, not give a fvck what people think when you out stacking chips”

    Long story short I havent worked a 9-5 in over some years now and no lie it been a roller coaster but I made it thru off hustle, persistence and dedication.

    Thank you for all that you do on the R&G it really helped me on True ‘G’ perspectives and overall enhancing my game on these streets.

    My do for self grind made me a 50/50 partner in a already successful business round my way and I am fortunate that my hustle got me to where I stand today making a comfortable amount of 100% legal bread!

    To anybody that wonders about this “do for self” that freeman pushes for FREE on every show, it’s truly such a valuable resource for mfs like me that had the cards stacked against them from the start but now Im living proof you can break the mold and shine like gold!

    Thank You Freeman!!

    You the Ghetto Hero for real!!

    -Chico Money
    Live from the trenches in Chicago!

    Ps. No rush at all but if you could set up a single download folder of all the podcasts from 2009 to now that would be dope as I would love to have the full collection on my new cloud drive.

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