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Here’s an opportunity… not a job… not a job… but a opportunity. When a giant company pretty much decides they will back anyone who handles a major part of their game the money is a guarantee. Amazon doesn’t want to start it’s own UPS so it created a opportunity for those of who hustle to get in their game and create a lane. Trump is going to make the Post office raise their rates on Amazon deliveries (and at the same time make the post office workers lose their jobs). Since AMZN has the money to turn a battleship around they created this opportunity. It’s a 10K startup with 30K in the bank. I know that sounds like a lot but if Hershey gave you their business to bring sugar to their factory you’d have to be a fool to not take this opportunity seriously. ENJOY!

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  1. Wow, I had no idea about this! Thanks for the links and podcast. I’m definitely going to look into this. Because this is guaranteed money.

    I knew Amazon was on something when they started having people sign up to deliver packages. Companies have been getting away from hiring employees and steering much more in the direction of just contracting with people. But I didn’t see this coming so fast, but it makes sense.

    Like you mentioned, I wouldn’t be surprised if spots like Dominoe’s drop delivery drivers as employees and just start contracting with people to deliver their product. Cuts down on overhead for them and accomplishes the same goal.

    This is especially easy if you already have a LLC or Corp already up and running.

    • Like I said if Hershey asks me to deliver sugar and will cosign the trucks for me… I’ll be a sugar delivering hustler!

      Now I’m not saying you wont have to work but if you get it right you got a guarantee for years to come. It’s like getting in on a franchise without the obligation and those slavery filled franchise fees. This way you remain independent and can use those fleet of trucks for any other business you have in mind.

      The LLC/S.Corp needs to be finished so your paperwork is legit and not just that guy FreeMan says he can do it.

  2. All facts bro! I been trynna reverse learn how they doing it for a while now. Here in Canada they doing it too but its not advertised and they link with delivery companies. Like its not even on they site and no amazon number will connect to them lol. I found both the delivery depots tho. They all pay drivers $130-$170/day with over 100-150 packages to each guy and there’s like 15 delivery guys in each of these companies so those companies have to be making $6-7/package so that’s hella paper man. Bunch of dudes in unbranded rental vans and orange vests everywhere dropping packages. A few of the guys told me they cant get enough drivers! I’m already driving all day so I’m lining up my life to jump in because I know it was going to launch here soon.

    • Like I said it’s a guarantee with Amazon backing you. They getting money from subscriptions, goods and even watching movies… they got a lot on lock. So as long as kats recognize when the juggernaut hand out opportunities then we can capitalize.

      Simple mathematics lets you know it’s a boat load of money for 40K in your own cash. 10k to spend 30K as backup. So really it’s just 10k for a 300k profit… DAMN

      • As good an opportunity as it is, there’s one thing that’s gonna keep a lot of brothers out of this one:

        “strong credit history”

        If you have bad or non-existent credit (like me who’s never used a credit card), it’ll be harder to get in on it.

        • Money overrides Credit and if Amazon is cosigning you then you’re credit is good. This is why they ask for 10k down and then 30k in cash. That 30K in cash is literally saying fvck your credit do you have the case.

          Also, never count yourself out until you hear NO. You might be the only kat applying from your area and they might sponsor you. It’s a business that needs to deliver packages everywhere and you happen to be somewhere they need to deliver.

          The game is they are walking away from the post office so they need people everywhere. Bad Credit, No credit just have the cash and I’m sure they’ll make it work!

  3. I used to do the Amazon Flex hustle out here in Miami and It wasn’t bad at all. I really enjoyed the freedom. At the time they gave you $72 to do 4hrs of work, but I was able to knock out deliveries in 3. I did it for roughly 4 months until the game got saturated lol. But I think the Flex program was a precursor for this because the software was a bit buggy but it worked. I’m sure they might have perfected both the software and tha game by now. I would definitely recommend doing the research and reading the fine print in terms of taxes and insurance that you will need to pay.
    For instance, they want you set up a company that only hires full time employees. Now, I’ve never hired employees before but I know that involves insurance, workers comp, benefits, and more taxes… aka more money out of your pockets (not theirs). I think the main struggle would be finding the right people (friend/family).

    • Yeah, that’s why they want the money to cover the people until you the cycle of money starts. 40 is definitely a lot of people bu they must have a plan cuz most kats ain’t never hired that many people in their life.

      The money is out there but it might need to get someone who got a script to start otherwise like you said it’ll be friends and family and that ain’t enough.

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