Liars & Loyalty

There comes a time when you make money where you have to decide if you will make money with those who lie. At this moment you are so short on dough you’ll make a deal with the devil. But, as you start to make cashflow you’ll be very mindful of the words of those who you do business with. Think of this SharkTank the show has millionaires but if the money doesn’t match and if the personality is something they don’t like they won’t do the deal. On the way up you’ll meet plenty of liars and you’ll have to make a decision do you really want to make money while watching the person hustling next to you.


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  1. Man when I was 7-I knew O-Dog did the right thing man. We not supposed to be suckin dick OR eatin eat cheeseburgers lmao

    The 245th realest shit you ever said was people say what they mean. In the years, I cut off so many people just from a slick remark or telling me a fun fact about their fuckery and life has gotten better, AND the road is super clear now. I remember one of the main distractions I had that messed with me was not being able to trust who I was sitting next to.

    • Male head for cheeseburgers is jut awful!

      Money makes you want to ignore and give passes to all kinds of foul shit. Liars are higherup in the game where you want to getput on or move to the next level. Its a gut check time for a hustler. Can you pass up a buck to stay clean?

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