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There’s only one true understanding of progress and it’s not money nor material possessions. True progress is a mind state change so transformational that you laugh at yourself for believing in the boogeyman. Once you understand that you’ve been crawling for absolutely no reason you run and then fly. Progress is a change in direction and understanding so profound that you stop worrying about what others believe and have been taught. You’ll know you have progressed by shaking thinking of how tragic your life could’ve been if you didn’t make a change.



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  1. WIN, WIN, WIN, WINNNNN! Reminds of one of my favorite sayings from Phonte from the rap group Little Brother, “Do you really want to win, or just look good losing?”

    Real question: would progression not be so taboo or foreign to brothers if they actually knew what progress looked like? Like homie on FB talking about not kicking before he touched a ticket; that millie about as far away as heaven to a lot of folks. Yeah you can go get a degree, some certifications and whatnot but when you want to get that big big bread mad people stumbling in the dark!

    • Progress is personal and people just discount it. If you used to survive and now you’re balling only a fool needs outside proof as the cash is in their hand. A lot of this has to do with people not being their own person and becoming who they really are. I went from Compton to Manhattan within 5 years do I even care what people measure my progress with.

      Now that I’ve done that and more do you think I care what people think of me materially, personally and even spiritually. I’ve progressed during the time of struggle and progressed when it was time to hustle!

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