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You should come to the end quite often…. if you aren’t ending things you are living in a personal hell. The game doesn’t keep going as even in stock you sell and reup. The game isn’t a constant as there are ups and downs. When it’s up you collect and when it goes down you let it marinate and capitalize on something else that might be on the way up.  Most people take forever to end things…. for those of us who Hustle they usually come fast and quite often.



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  1. Good ass point DF. It’s like cats get afraid and then timid when it comes time to move around; when dudes lose confidence in themselves it’s like they come outside with a bright purple suit on–everybody can tell. I think a lot of people turn into old heads because they fail one too many times and then just stop trying. Actually that reminds me of this dude at the plantation named Marcus.

    Homie had really bad vision, coke bottle glasses, floaters, all that and homie was a shell at his desk every day because he was so angry at God he just gave up: in conversation he told me he had a license but rode the bus because he was afraid of driving. His wife wanted to move out of state and he was afraid because he didn’t have a degree or any skills that he could make money with.

    I passed him the podcasts and as far as I know homie listened to some and would chop up a lot of theory for hustle but when I asked what he was working on he was like “well, I COULD do A or B or C…”

    I hate that for homie cause it’s like he stumbled over his ailment and never got back up. I’m pretty sure if he worked from home he’d never come outside.

    • I also think people over-dramatize what happens if they don’t get the job, woman, hustle started, etc. It’s like we’re programmed to think that the pain of failure equals getting tortured in Guantanamo Bay or something apocalyptic.

      • & now you know you can give a man all the information he needs, point out his flaws, give him inspiration and it’s still up to him! There is a reason it makes absolutely no sense for me to be in the public when ultimately you know what you need to do and it’s up to you to actually do it. Hell is what we allow to be not our destiny!

  2. Life is up and down. There’s very few straight lines in life, especially for anything worthwhile. But in that, there’s beauty because what you think may take you years to get may take days.

    I like that 90 day line. It’s funny how HR will look at you on some “yea, we’ll try you out.” When you’re looking back at them thinking the same thing. And then when they’re ready to give you that “Hey, if you keep it up, you might make supervisor in the next couple years”, you hand them your notice.

    And like experience is what makes you wise, not years. People that do more, know more. A lot of older people are simply old. If you’ve never done much outside of work and go home, you can’t offer much. But the younger person who did a bunch, won some and lost some, can give a bunch of insight.

    • The 90 day rule is about you recognizing and using your own power to turn them down and separate from them if need be. We are trading our labor for payment once the deal don’t make any sense we need to bounce. You’ll hear mfer saying what are you going to do… might as well stay until you come up with something. But, all that staying and dealing builds a cloud in your brain to actually bettering yourself. How many mfers say they been doing the same thing too long? That’s all the sign you need to move on and end this shit.

      Homie all the R&G is .. is my life from 18 to 30 so far. A lot of life has been lived for me to give what I got. That’s why I know these mfers out here pushing that shit haven’t lived it because experience is the best teacher not some damn theories in a book. If a Man hasn’t figured out how to square away his life and get out of a situation with others he hates everyday of his life… he ain’t worth listening to!

  3. Just yesterday I was evaluating if I was hustling backwards man. 4 months in, and all I got was some equipment and a car. It seems cool because I’m handling everything thats coming(repairs,rentals,major bills,etc.) But I kept having to push back my deadline for all my equipment. Reason was, 1. I didn’t have enough equipment to bring cash in with right now. 2. I didnt have enough cash to get the rest of the major equipment to get started. This car cost 1/3rd as much and it will bring in a little more cash as the other car for half the running costs. I BEEN realized all the setbacks are because I’m using my own stuff for somebody elses shit that can only pay so much man. The major advantage is I have enough time to do my own thing on the gig, so my next step is start with a basic editing laptop, basic camera and basic lights ALL used. If all goes well, in 2 months I can be up and running.

    My ace is nonstop work and I noticed no matter what thats been the thing to keep me moving forward. Idgaf about anything but money food sleep. The frustration is I know damn well if I put this time into myself, I would’ve had more control over the cash I can bring in. Only reason I’m still here is it’s literally the best option for now. All other options I see pay much less or need a license I can’t get or a good hustle w/ higher buy in. Literally to the point I might say screw it stand on the corner with mangoes, or anything… but I’d have to sell hella mangos to clear this kinda money so I’m gonna wait it out a bit longer lol

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