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We expand because money is over there and many people are slacking.  Part of the problem is being a out of towner especially when you are the same race. If another race opened a liquor store they get a pass but if one of us do it we got to stay on our P’s & Q’s. We like to be cool with people but in reality when it comes to chips ain’t no loyalty.  It’s a harsh reality but money, especially neglected money; comes with a refresher of the game in general. Ain’t no love especially when we aren’t from there.


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  1. Yo Freeman! Good show. I know you been rocking with the international trade game a long time; I got a little cousin coming up who don’t want to go to college. Would you recommend that as a means of getting good paper and expanding?

    • Yeah, he has to get in on the ground level so he needs to get his typing skills up. The starting position is called a entry writer and most of the time they are looking for high school graduates who they can pay like 24K a year. The angle is to know you can get your license and not be in that position. They will discourage you and say you don’t have enough experience but that’s the words of the devils.

      They don’t want you to realize I can do what they do and get my own. So what I’m saying it’s a dirty dirty dirty game but if you come in there with your mission in mind you’ll go right past them. Last thing is this is money so let him know this ain’t about friendship and family as the devils will say that all day. You have to be ruthless like them… if there’s 5K more to the left … I left!

      • Thanks for the info DF, I’ll pass it along.

      • Quick update lol: I talked with my lil’ cousin about international trade and some other options and, typical of 17 year old boys, he said what he really wanted to do was make beats and rap.

        I told him that the chances of him making any real money at that game was slim because of supply and demand: way too much supply of rappers/producers and not enough demand for them.

        He then said “well, if I work harder than everybody else, I should be good.” I chuckled and told him that I had that same mindstate when I was his age too about music and while I wouldn’t talk down on him because I never made it, finding a way to put some money in his pocket until he blew up was my goal.

        Here’s the killer: he looked at me, dead in the eye and said “why would I spend time doing something I hate to make money when I could put that same time into something I love if they make the same money when it’s all over and done with?”

        These kids, man.

        • You should’ve responded one is about people liking you and the other is about you doing you. You know yourself and you know what you produce and bring to the table so all the work in the world into music still is left up to other people liking it. If you dig 200 ditches for 10 bucks each it’s all you and that 2K is in your hand.

          Lastly just tell lil homie he can be both. We do what we got to do to eat and we do what we want to do so we can feed ourselves and others. It’s not a either/or it’s a AND!

  2. “Whenever there’s any doubt-there is no doubt”

    One time I was chillin eatin a sandwich with a dude and we started kickin it. He starts going into how his homie had an idea that was working and he showed him proof with pics. Immediately I said “Bro I washed my hands before we started eating, but for your sake, that dude retarded man, just hit UPS they pay hella good and you aint got bills anyways.” St8 changed the subject. Weeks later we cruising and this dude just felt the need to start bragging about who he thought he was an shit and I swear I got so ghost on his ass. Like I DON’T KNOW these cats but for some reason people just want to tell you shit like breh Idgaf you like peanut butter. Next thing I know weirdos poppin up looking for bread crumbs lol. Some people just ain’t right. For almost 10yrs I got SO much more comfortable solo and now people’s faulty ways are visible because of the things I forced myself not to do-but just don’t do naturally.

    • Homie I had people coming up to me saying I got a idea that you can run and we can make money. Mfers are saying I got a idea that can make millions that i won’t build but you can run and then break bread!%^##? WTF!

      Solo is the way of the world. No one will ever find out if you never even around people for them to peep game.

  3. I listen to u and white boy gary vaynerchuk for hustling info…this was another gem….off topic has Daymond John reached out to you about buying http://www.riseandgrind.com?

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