State of the Hustle 2018 – Blogcast

Look forward as the old game has died!  It’s time to assess the opportunities that lie ahead of us and make sure you stop hustling backwards. If you haven’t bought a house in the past 5 years you are paying full price if not more. If you haven’t made money off the stock market the gains are all speculation. If you haven’t opened up shop on your own business… what are you waiting for … everyone else to become rich off of it? Here’s a whole podcast on what I’ve been seeing with my 3rd eye!

With that being said ENJOY the State of the Hustle 2018!


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  1. Real talk in this one. The stock market has been setting records damn near everyday. Plantations are begging for more slaves. Housing prices are rising and rising. The correction is near. Great opportunity to stack now and buy later.

    Door buster sales on houses, cars and stocks coming soon LOL

    The value of my house has gone up damn near 40 percent in about a year and a half. Housing is getting back to pre-recession prices. Maybe that feels good for the people that went tricking pre-recession, fell off around the mid 2000s, were able to hold on to their house and now they’re seeing the house value come around. On some “see, I knew this McMansion would pay off” sh#t LMAO

    And you’re right on tech being made to fall apart. Blackberry phones lasting decades while iPhones last 6 months. Just in time for the new one to come out.

    • There comes a time to accumulate and that time is now. The interest rates are up and prices are high and it ain’t worth it. So stack, stack and wait. As those who couldn’t play come back into the game there will be new casualties. We just have to know when to back away from the table and move on to another casino.

      Mfers are buying and now leasing phones to show other people they are trendy. Once that started I knew the mindset has changed so I had to reassess what was their downfall. It’s a super wasteful society.

      The angle I remembered is the secondary market for Levi’s jeans. There is always a market for old vintage levi’s because they were valuable but will remain valuable to those who couldn’t afford it. That’s where this time is heading to reselling Samsung 8’s for 200 to a mfer who wants to front at his level.

  2. I would imagine repairing tablets and cell phones would make a killing right now.

    • Homie REFURBISHED is the name and look online and see if they aren’t moving still. When I was coming up you would go to the salvage yard to get a insurance wreck. They would give you a salvage title but if you knew how to fix it you could get a 2017 jaguar for 3K and 2K to fix it and be riding new. Who in the hell knows you’re car was salvaged???

  3. Real spill. Question though: what do you do if you’re scared of the hood and black people? I know not many gonna ask but ‘m gonna keep it real. I was raised mainly around white filk and always felt uneasy. What should I do if I want to get up with my people?

    • Bruh ain’t nothing wrong with being scared of violence, poverty and desperation. You just have to ask yourself are you scared of Black folks who are in that situation or anyone in that situation? Although I’m from Compton I don’t kick it in other people’s hoods like I’m used to it.

      If you have been in white neighborhoods then you have seen poor white neighborhoods too. Same opportunities exist as its a socioeconomic angle I just speak from my background.

      Lastly, join a Black frat or a Black social group to get over the awkwardness. Since you haven’t been around many Black folks you can interpret what you see wrong. Until you familiarize yourself you’ll always genralize people that look like you.

  4. Excellent podcast as always and thanks for the tip: I am in a transition right now with the goal to make an extra 5K per month as cushion money and the secondary market (platform or signle product) should do.
    Btw hope the RFK app is coming along smoothly, I have seen it the idea copied here and there a few times.
    Stay prosperous fam

    • In fact RFK is up next on the rotation. I have the same extra 5k angle you have right now to double up before the bottom falls out. I know a lot of kats are on it but I’ll destroy their base of how they receive their chips. Until one works homie all of them are failures.

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