Car Window Replacement – Start up

Angles come from life so this is one that came from recent experiences.  A couple of young kats busted my window of my truck thinking I keep my guns in my truck like a white boy. Now they were bold as they did this in broad day light outside a business I was in. Everyone was kind of shook but shit happens homie and I didn’t grow up keeping anything of value in my cars but me!

Car Window Replacement

The Plan: First off you have to get the knowledge to change the windows on just about every car. Second, you have to find the car window companies that supply replacement windows. Third, start off mobile but that looks bootleg so that’s the hustle but you have to get to the business. Fourth, find a abandoned gas station with a simple garage (in the hood) and office as this is the future and train or hire other brothers. You have to organize this business by yourself as this is a ticket.

How To: Believe it or not there is  a such place as a Auto Glass University in Wisconsin as you really need to get this right to really make it work. I say this because I intentionally didn’t put this as a hustle. A lot of you guys live in high car theft cities and every last one of them got their windows busted or their lock pulled out. So this is a angle that you can make money and a lot of money without even finishing high school. Do some research and find out where you can learn how to replace any window. When I got my window changed it cost me 125 but homie with the benz it was 850. Now if you know math my window probably cost 75 and homie window cost 425… and I was in and out in like30 minutes. So do the math 2 workers changing 16 windows a day at 75 (on the low) a pop …. 2 X 16 = 32 X 75 = 2400 a day!… again on the low.

Location: This is simple search of damn near asking any cop or looking up crime statistics and find out where the majority of cars are stolen from. Wherever that place is… is where you need to put your business. See the game is (not to be Safelite because they are for those who can afford them) to be affordable for those who are directly effected by it. How many times you see someone driving down the street with taped up windows with plastic bags.

Hustle: When you get your mobile window replacement angle up you can source a lot of the windows from the salvage yards. Some of them are so organized they have them pulled already. That’s the game most of the bootleg angles are doing.

Parlay: You need to set up a referral service where you kickback folk who send people your way. Tow truck companies, Hotels near the airport, Parking lots near the airport, parking garages in downtown, Luxury repair garages, gas stations in the hood and any car mechanic. One day you’ll get a billboard and you’ll dominate the hood but today you can’t be handing out bullshit cards you need to break bread like 10 referral fee.

Summary – This is a start up you can control by simply going to learn how to do this. Even if you have to walk up to a place and say you’ll learn for free you need the knowledge and then the game is over.


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  1. Genius! I seen a dude with one of those window fixing booths at a canadian tire spot. It was literally just a car port tent with his logo on it and a chair with some tools. I always wondered what it costs for that service…

    • Yeah it’s a great angle to put together but it’s more than a hustle. One thing to learn and has a stepup hustle to get to the business. After you open up shop you can send out mobile cats as that might be you since you are the trained one in the game. They even replace the motors and the like.

      Homie they were so busy you had , had, had to make an appointment. But the game is they were affordable as they were thinking volume not that safelite paying 100 more for hamburger called steak.

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