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The follow up to the facebook post that seemed to get people going. I thought I should explain it better as only I can do. ENJOY!


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  1. I can relate to this because my senses be at 100 percent no matter where im at. When im cutting grass i can sense when someone is sizing me up on how i work and as soon as we get done the brother is already talking to the boss about my performance. So when i see that im like ok so he’s the type that licks the bosses boots to get over but anyway great podcast and keep giving us that knowledge.

    • Paranoia is only paranoia when what you feel ain’t real. But, when it’s real you are picking up on something. All of this is energy and most people are so caught up in theirselves they are oblivious to the anger, deception, envy and even just not feeling you. It’s a gift not a curse but to people who don’t have it they’ll be caught off guard while you would’ve moved on.

  2. This blogcast goes hand in hand with the lesson in a previous blogcast “are”, my problem has been people always show you who they are, but sometimes I build a false relationship based on an illusion… That I created smh, I guess thats just a case of bad “Reading” comprehension

    • When you want something more than recognizing something that usually happens. If you prefer to be a loner you’ll size everyone up as they potentially mess up your life. When you start to realize you are more important than them you won’t be fooled any longer.

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