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Shared Economy is just a new word for broke. We all know everything out now was done in the hood and even your mom’s used to bum rides back in the day. The con is we have a whole generation who believe they are going to get rich off of it. They believe they are branding theirselves or becoming a entrepreneur. When in reality everyone is creating content without getting just payment for it. Actors get paid,  producers get paid, executive producers get paid… your dumb ass gets nothing but views and likes.

But all is not lost if you understand the game and stop seeing all this shit like a starving actor who has a platform! ENJOY!



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  1. i said the same thing about uber. I aint seen no one get bread of that really they just brake even or make some money. I remeber when my mom got me my new car a nissan. And people where telling me to use it for uber im thinking why would i put wear and tear on new car drving all over the bay area doing uber. My older cousin agreed with me saying it wasnt called uber when i did it it was called giving homies rides.. Trust me freeman i live in antioch but im in oakland and san francisco so i see what you are talking about. Hell im young 22 and never ever used uber or lyft ever rather drive myself or public trnasit. This is like millinails pt 2 with this podcast . And the make the shit look cool with uber commercials saying im hustling or im my own boss. How negro if you kicking money back to uber and working all day catching fares. Like you said see it for what it is and capitlaize off these fools Hell im out here in the thick of it in the bay i know theres a way could get money off them i just have figure study these my genration and the yougnins and sell them a product. I did the vending machine for three years it was cool made my money. But like you told me before it is time to grow your hustle to something more

    • It’s just hype and people are getting caught up in it. If 1 in a million make it that means the shit is damn near impossible and anyone banking on it without a backup plan is delusional. The shared economy organizes the poor to make some side money not any real money.

      When you analyze the money, not the hype; you see the money ain’t that damn good. In the meantime you have generated eyeballs for these platforms and you don’t get anything from it. It’s built for pitching products not for pitching yourself.

  2. What gets people is the “cool place in hell” quote D.Freeman circa 2007 thing lol. I wont lie its better than most jobs in the sense I aint gotta lift nothin or deal with politics, aint gotta hope I qualify etc…the funniest is how they take 30% off the driver AND charge customers a fee. AND the drivers gotta pay their own taxes. So after fuel taxes and wear&tear its really just a chill ass job lol. But this fuels another project like a muthafukka so its cool. I would really just max out the log in time instead of working 2jobs and hope the schedule balances etc.

    Dont roast me man I know they conning us but I was jumping out of moving trucks with heavy ass boxes for less money b4…

    What’s fly is there are app-in-a-box software that sells these Ubr type apps fully customized. I seen how this angle could be applied to an older project I had immediately I looked for how it’s put together!

    • I agree it’s a hustle but it’s a starter hustle not a real come up. If you want to smoke weed and not have to qualify for shit then all these shared jobs are a real come up for the non-hustler.

      It”s not about embarrassing someone it”s about recognizing what it is. Can’t be on this shared shit talking like you about to win. Make money overall just don’t come around those building with the tilling angle. I can’t knock anyone who puts money in their pocket just don’t lie to kick it.

  3. So true man! Entrepreneur and Share is the new catchphrases in every dang thing now its irritating. I had feeling from the first payday that in a year or so Ubr/Lft might dry up so I been milking it like crazy tho. I was on this road before the apps though and they just speeding it up. Last year I kept learning how if I simply could control more parts of the product launch process I would’ve made more money faster! Most this app money is building a basic studio. I understand how those high end professional product images are done and how they push sales…these apps die out I’ll make pizzas 9-5 and take snapshots on weekends until I can really buy nice inventory…A basic corporate snapshot package takes a couple hours of shooting and editing-which is a couple days of Apptrepreneur driving lol. What will it cost me to take bomb photos and videos of my bikes? PRICELESS!

    Another ace in the deck is once I got my equipment together Im gonna get the basic trucker license in a few months. This way if the economy really goes to hell at least I can go drive a dump truck or something…(the CDL in Canada is the AZ which is now mandatory to take $6K worth of training. The basic trucker license is DZ thats only $800.). That AZ pays for itself in a couple months though so I DEFINITELY have it on my radar. Not just for jobs but like registering a trucking company, leasing a truck at a good rate and running loads. Most people I called wanted AZ for %/load payments but they still pay $/km with DZ. The DZ wont get me big runs like AZ but many freight companies still need towing & straight truck delivery partners.

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