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There’s always been money made off of our condition. Cheap labor, discrimination and outright slavery are all forms of taking advantage of a hurt people. Hope and Religion came out of this same hurt as we look for anyone even a preacher to deliver us. But a New Thing is happening today and since the Brothers left the church the devils have decided to attack your nature. That nature is you wanting to be your own mand and do for self. As a result when you see be exposed for using the devils tactic to sell to the GOD in us we get mad and disappointed.

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  1. yeah i am guilty of this i am always listening to all these people especially dude your talking about. i get caught up into listening to all these people i lose my own identity and start to taking there views. Getting whats neccsary and moving on. With you , you been upfront from day one . You not trying to sell a course or always prmoting some products just staraight raw game, . While everyone is pushing products every single broadcast they do and if you dont buy it or support it they shame you saying this why blacks cant progress or your a coon, thats one thing i hate dont shame me into buying anything that really pisses me off . This past two months i have cut back onto listing to a lot people ill check what they saying every now and then and take what i like . BUt i do not regiouslly watch them like i use to waiting to hear speak like the know it all or have they keys . irealised since i cut down on that i am my onw man and can do succesful things like them to. I do not need to be under somebody all the time worshipping them like there so great . hes a n word just like i am .. Listiening to this podcast let me know i am on the right on cutting down on listening to alot people these. Like you said hold very few in high regard, .

    • Think of it this way. You are only in class for a hour a day until you learned what they offer and then you graduate. You graduate from people like someday you will graduate from me. I have plenty of folk on the R&G who come and go because my message they have and they are applying their own to this life. It’s not like we are lazy we don’t have the self esteem to say I had enough. We think we are practicing best practices by always being open to these idiots.

      At some point you close off and do your thing… .soon you will return when you need more ammo rather in the form of inspiration or information. But nontheless you will just check in to make sure nothing new has popped up. It is natural to learn apply and then return to learn more either out of respect or just to have understanding from someone who lived it like you are currently living it.

      But, to return to these idiots is like a dog returning to his own vomit.

  2. Well you pretty much summed it up with “just another muthafukka trippin in the street”…laugh at they goofy ass and focus on MY steps as I proceed!

    Its a unshocking shame though man because there really is a pure way to package information and teach the youth(or the general uninformed people).

    On a side note this past lil while alot of truth been coming out on the fakes in ALL arenas-business/hustle,rap,streets…it allcomesout in the wash. I just wish not as much damage to the kids being misled from people playing with they minds

    • Bruh, you know there are a lot of CONMEN in any game that grabs the attention of our folk. First it was the life coaches, then the inspirational speakers, then the do for self people and now the sell you game folk. All they have to do is say I got what makes the white man great and I’ll give it to you for $99.99.

      The truth unfiltered will always reach our folk. We have been trying our best not to let them know how harsh life could be and as a result they grow up unprepared. Childhood has to be sacrificed for preparedness… we have to lead not hope… lead not water down… lead not hide the ball.

      If they were taught the truth early it would be hard to be conned. But, we lead with hope and like a kid going to a all white school we hope he finds interest in his own race.

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