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Even in darkness there is a process to get to the light. Sure in darkness it gets tough as you keep failing and bumping into things. So the process in ignorance is just to keep trying and keep moving forward until the light reveals itself. Most people don’t trust the process only because they expect greatness to come out of the darkness. But, their methods are wrong because how will we ever know if something will work unless we see it through. ENJOY!


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  1. You just gotta “Trust the Process” as we say here in Philly LOL.

    Like you said, you just have to keep putting things out there until you see what hits. I never understood why some people are so afraid to even try. Like if they try to push a product and it doesn’t sell, they’re going to die. Some people seem to get so caught up in the possibility of failure that they don’t even get off the ground to even fail.

    • We have alot of people who feel discouraged when they barely started. Or my favorite I don’t feel motivated or I don’t have a goal. The goal is money so stop being so sidetracked by the fact you don’t get it when you think you need it.

  2. Big homie DF! Just checking in with you family. Any updates on the new book or the RFK movement? The streets need that work!

    • As always homie you’ve been around so you know life intrudes on things promised. As soon as I square away some time the book will be done and as soon as I get the right knowledge RFK will be up. I am pushing for this year for all of this to be done.

      But, life is life and I live that too.

  3. Hey bruh..that Shark tank fool Daymond John sharking the Rise and Grind name for his podcast…u might need to do a cease and desist….just flagrantly disrespectful…dust off them lawyer muscles and flex on em one time…

    • Naw homie think a bit bigger than what he’s taking from me and think about what he’s giving me. I own the domain and I have hundreds of podcasts. He has more reach than me and obviously must’ve come to the site before.

      His mission is not slowing me down at all nor interfering with my overall mission. In fact he might be enhancing it in a roundabout way. Some things are done in ways that are only in the minds of those who can see. I don’t see it as a negative at all in fact I hope the book sells billions. Brother people can’t come right out and say I like what you do especially when you’re flagrant about it so it’s done in ways that further your mission.

      It’s a good lesson in understanding. I own the name and the natural link aka the real estate. If you name a song R&G they will come to me. Don’t outsmart the money just marinate as it ain’t hurting me and I’m adult enough not to let it hurt my ego either.

  4. aight man..if u aint trippin its dead then…..just find it funny that ppl act like u don’t exist and u aint start all this shyt…but take game and repackage it like its theirs…u been doin it for damn near 10 years without a thank you from ppl..not really an ego thing..more of giving credit where its due…thx for all that u do…

    • Brother in the end a lot of people are getting put up on game. Whether it’s corny or on point alot of folks are thinking about doing for self. I realize more than you know how people took my slanguage and the angles but hey it’s through me not from me. Plantation, Patna, Chips, 2nd place finisher, bronze metal shiner are all now part of the shame of not being up on game. LOL

      Bruh if anything I said made any one of my folks life a bit better no thank you is necessary. The message is important not the messenger.

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