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A Black Man’s Destiny is not tied into a white man’s mercy! You have been taught you have to overcome obstacles you have no control over only to hope and wait for someone to give you a chance. Every way out is intellectualized by saying it’s smart to go this way and learn their ways. Even when you ask for help your GOD is outside of you and your rituals ask you to humble yourself to the point of emulating weakness.

I never went their way and never thought like them and yet I’m here. One thing I learned is whatever I choose to do with my life as long as I do it with full intention of it manifesting a destiny…. it has become Prophecy. Thus through my understanding of myself and what I truly am I divinely create my own world dependent on no one and not bound by the rules of this world!


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  1. This is a great series. Been listening and applying a lot of your lessons for the last 7 years. Been rising and grinding these last few years to respond. lol.
    I think most folks get caught up in the BS cartoons told and sold to us so we miss our destiny, thus another generation suffers and have to repeat the same mistakes.

    I think it takes maturity, struggling, and humility to realize that you are the valuable person for yourself, family, etc. It’s about adulthood, growth, and self-respect.

    I thank you for doing that for me and others through your website, podcasts, books, etc.

    Sidenote. Do you have an email to contact you regarding business? I am working on a few projects that I need your expertise and wise advice on.

    • Best way to reach me is through facebook. I used to have a email but all the spam made me shut that down.

      I realized this was a scheme to get me to waste my time. Money and my personal growth is not by chance and not by the mercy of others. We keep acting like we are getting somewhere by listening and learning without applying. We are in constant state of accumulation of useless ideologies and useless entertainment that we never develop ourselves. I know I sound like a asshole on every podcast but it’s really coming from I’m going to do this my way and say what I want.

      It’s just my job brother… what else am I going to do with my random thoughts but share them. It has been even more challenging as the R&G gets bigger in effectiveness. I have to remind myself all of the time I hand out pamphlets while other people think they are handing out books. But I am grateful to all who has been able to build off of anything I said.

  2. Reading your reply AH . I agree for years I haved cosnumed and watch ideologies and useless entertainment of people and it has gained me nothing . No money in bank or any growth just useless knowledge. I don’t really care ny resoutions but for this year. I am focus as much on money my health and self improvement as possible . I’m 21 but I wanna have 30 bands stacked up by next year . And Im not gonna focus on situations in the world I noticed all this time I was watching news and celbrity gossip I gained nothing from it time wasted . I m gonna take your advice for from noncents podcast and just focus on talking over the block not whats going in Iraq. Only time I’m gonna go social media is on your facebook because your acutally useful info you post on there. I just get distracted to much on outside shit to much it fucks with me sometimes on how much time I wasted. Sorry for the rant . freeman

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