War (6) – Manipulation – Blogcast

The #1 tactic used in business is pure evil but your understanding of business sees this as essential. In fact you think it’s what business is all about. Truth be told it’s not but you feel it has been done to you and really money is made by manipulating others. It’s interesting for a person to rationalize being a manipulator when they fight til the death to make sure they aren’t manipulated.. HMMMMMMM Enjoy!


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  1. Maan! I’m on the receiving end of this shit right now. I am setting up a cattle monitoring system. The company I contacted already had a local rep who was basically a glorified salesman.

    I offered the “supplier company” to do a pilot project with transfer of knowledge and a licensing software. They agreed and now the rep is feeling some kinda way and wants to subcontracts to me all his potential clients. BUT i gotta pitch in the investment they made thus far to get all contracts. I was like so you want me to pay to play? I held the fuck you in and told him to discuss subcontractors agreement with his council and get back to me.

    It was an African cat too so I was a lot more diplomatic than usual but damn pretty sure if I was white daddy it wouldn’t be on the table.

    Anyway, happy holiday to you Freeman and the rest of the R&G fam; stay prosperous!

    • Bruh the game knows no color or creed so the lames get to pitch the stupid shit too. Now you just have to keep a lazy eye on that mfer as he tries to build with you but first came with the 10% deal, the only way to speak to the father is through me Jesus angle.

      Keep building Brother as this is life and what others think is life is from the teachings of a passive subservient coward!

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