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Who you choose to follow or if you lead yourself is very important in how people will choose to challenge and ultimately try to defeat you. When your ideas follow a man who can be bought, killed, poisoned and ultimately eliminated they just have to strike the head. We all have to learn to lead ourselves and our own private rebellions as we are all going after the same thing but our means and tactics and motivations will never be figured out.


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  1. So far this is my favorite of the war series. I was one of those people who when something happen I be like I cant wait for so and so has to say about it. Lately I have been trying to break out of this . I cut on social media use its good to her different perspectives but I need to create my own instead. listening to , to many people I feel will have you confused you end taking there identity instead of having yours. That is why lately I hae been focusing on my self I don’t hang with or talk to my friends like that . I gotta create my own narrative on how I see or do things in there world not let someone tell me

    • As you accumulate knowledge and understanding and application you’ll start to realize the angle you took to the game makes sense. You listen to others not to follow but to learn and add to your own vision. As you learn you’ll stop looking up to people but respecting them for their thinking in that ONE area.

      In order for us to move forward we have to realize that our mission is to be our own person. The reason why leaders exist is because the devils manipulate them to think they need them and at the same time retard them from realizing who they are.

      Its part of the process!

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