War (4) – Weakness – Blogcast

I have to prepare you for what you are about to see in this life. The grand majority of people are weak and when you analyze their approach to this game and life in general you’ll hear it. Weakness shouldn’t be that shocking to you and this podcast will get you to understand why. ENJOY!


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  1. Lmao its some Jamaicans somewhere like “Yo Freeman wamnaman a jus some tail from di cow anananananan summa di coleslaw an ting cool nuh man!” all studderin an shit lol…I just get plantain…

    That is how that shit sounds tho…”man it’s just a donation” “you just gotta get a haircut” “just a lil dick” smfh

    Real talk man sometimes I get mad when what is confirmed was actually assumed to be true. But I now realize the frustration stems from me simply not following that God given talent of Off Top Discernment that says “fuck this muthafukka”.
    Not everyone has the same morals and principles and Im realizing how rare it really is-which makes me stay more steadfast to the ones I uphold.

    The more I learn the practical application of my ideas the stronger my discipline away from the bs gets. These cats dont hustle tho so it make sense its so many ways the suckers cop out.

    • Discernment is the key to life. If you have a feeling it comes from some place that you can’t explain. Kids have it, Dogs have it as you grow up you think you doubt it!

  2. Yup it’s always though weak motherfuckers that claim everybody is doing the same bitchmade bitchass shit that they’re doing to rationalize how incredibly fucked up they are! Recently I was telling my girl that it stuns be sometimes when I realize how the majority of people operate from a desperate and cowardly motivation that I can’t even comprehend.

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