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We have to save ourselves and there’s really only two roads to our salvation… either we do for self or we beat them at their own game.  ENJOY!


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  1. I haven’t paid much attention to the lecture circuit much lately but I can name HANDFULS of these people. Im dissappointed in one guy because he was talkin all this yang about how he’s gonna expose thise dude, then finally the white boy goes on his show-promotes the hell outta his company-does ALL the stuff dude ragged on him about (use fake slang sports/music to relate and undermine intelligence) and the whole time he was “wow yeah you’re right wow!” Then checkmates it by not simply donating but buying the whole foundation. Like how’s it a foundation for black youth but white funded?!lol like you worked in media for 20years and STILL fall for the ULTIMATE PR move smh. Halfway through the podcast dude was like “Just ask man, just ask”…breh just listen to the last 5 minutes of the podcast man.

    Its irritating because its so easy to just build a business pushing products man like why they gotta do all this imaginary shit people starving for real and they sellin lies. Like at least if you gonna do business coaching TEACH REAL business stuff! Just sell the EHow shit at least lmao like wtf is all this buy bitcoin and brand yourself shit?!

    • Homie, you are too hard on people. You don’t have no parts on the outcome on whether a man does or doesn’t do something. Unless you can break bread with him and really get to know why he did or didn’t do you got to learn to let it go. One of my favorite Jay-Z lines on Lucky Me is “how can a mfer hate a man he never even met and doesn’t really know” So fall back and as we say out West give him a pass…. meaning… let it go and get back to what you got to do.

      No one will ever let you down if you didn’t put them up that high in the first place! Unless you get to speak to the man you got to stop yourself from condemning him. Part of making money and doing for self is being 100% on your shit and simply seeing the rest of the world as a form of entertainment. Even I ain’t 100% all the time the difference is I ain’t public with my life so you only get the R&G and Facebook/risegrind.

      You have a solution to the the problems that plague us… be living proof. Like I said in a earlier podcast we’ll see who wins in the end. Stay on point young homie!

  2. Man I guess never seen it like that. Its that I’ve created such a hardfast philosophy to be opposite of suckerism and bs, it just compels me to be disgusted at examples of what I don’t want to be.

    I gotta work on the seeing it as entertainment part of it lol

    • That’s all it is Brother.. whether a Man goes up or down it doesn’t effect you in any way. So it’s a form of entertainment as you get to see in real time what someone is willing to do, say or join. But, it’s none of our business and shouldn’t be commented on nor worried about past the moment you notice it.

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