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I decided to designate the balance of December to War. This part in the series is about dispelling some of the devil’s theories that have recently led you to consider their ignorance. The War that’s being waged is over you and convincing you to believe owning nothing and trusting your money in others is smart as a Black Man. Whether they know it or not these devils who advocate these fictitious angles are advocating you owning nothing in the end. Here beginneth the Lesson… ENJOY



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  1. GET EM!!

    Bitcoin was hot 10 yrs ago in college but the real angle was multiple computer rigs with lots of storage and ram and you “mined” it.

    A very popular sales coach (thats actually a glorified real estate syndicator) is pushing that dont buy a house angle. Most people dont realize its because he’s attracting people with cash and no brain to put him on. He finds the building, pays property managers etc. Then, he gets a free unit in one of the buildings and says “this is what you can have if you hustle”. Millions of dollars coming in from rental income but you gotta dice it up. Not cake slices fam-diced onion portions lmfao. He’s got weekly shows on the same topics pushing the same msg. Instead of seminars they all move the hustle to youtube. They all say they’ve raised millions of dollars but in reality raised means borrowed/put on/lended/mortgage/diced onions-not even slices-DICED. On wall street its a “stable real estate fund”, on the low level its private money partners etc. And let the market go down again and all them “investors” want they money back. On the street its the one dude flossin thats always short on his reup. Actually its the dude who trynna rob you for the $20 like “I know where to get it but you gotta stay in the lobby” lmfao.

    “Great” music sweet visuals expensive courses.wash rinse repeat with other topics and all these other cats doing the same thing.

    Think about it. If I made $17,000/month selling cat tshirts or fidget spinners why the FUCK would I be so gracious to show you how I did it step by step for $399?!-in the summer then $39 in the winter, but the ebook(I used to sell for $39) is free cuz Im launching a new course smfh. Half them dudes are nurses or accountants that spend they salary on fb ads car leases and vacations to front and floss. Thats why they gotta put free vids up every fukkin day because the paid ads dont bring the money back. The CRM for “make money/start a business/FBA” is high as fukk.

    They all fukkin lyin man…fukk that I’d rather sell ebikes, or cotton candy or dress up like a pirate and beg for change on a highway turn-it ALL work$$!!(lmao swear to God at first I was trynna sell Reese cups but ppl just threw money at me laughin at the fake parrot)

    Dont quit the internet Freeman we aint all suckers out here!!
    Question, how was Bullycon is homie selling replays of it?

    • Homie BITCOIN came from the Dark Net where you could buy cocaine, guns and heroin and they didn’t want to get caught by the feds so they created a currency. Now it’s used as a trading currency amongst those who are adept to it. But the shit you see now is mfer just playing a game they don’t understand.

      People are so gulliible homie so they pay real money for make believe things. The shit ain’t listed with stocks so we are getting pictures of make believe advances. Ni99as are crazy… real talk… and this is your educated mfers on this shit.

      The don’t own a home mfers are on how white do I sound now.. If i move over here do I sound more white huh? Non thinking unoriginal asshole ni99as.

      I ain’t going nowhere homie got to show people what a clean glass of water look like. They got these slaves thinking brown water has nutrients.

  2. This is why niggas need to stop following trends…

  3. You right but I mean the “investment” angle. Like guys would have computer “mining rigs” set up to generate Bitcoin. I thought it was shaky like wtf if one breaks down or they switch to Litecoin er somethin then what?! Then a few years later it was cheap people would talk about buying some its gonna be big. Thats when I just bought some silver. It was tangible and I understood it. Now its kinda mainstream with Bitcoin trading apps etc…

    I mean even with me buying silver I wish I bought more hats. Like I split my money,half to bullion, half to hats. In 2 months I flipped damn near all my hats but my bars only jumped up a little bit. Like at first I thought “damn if I had $10K I would’ve blahblah”, but then I quickly thought damn I could’ve made hella more money if I didnt have it sitting in them bars knew how Ebay worked, built a site etc. Literally since then I dont pay attention to stocks or bullion unless Grand theft auto makes another game. I watch real estate because its tangible. Pay a guy $399 to show me how a house makes money? Hell no give me a calculator. Its just irritating with youtube ads of some dude interrupting my show with MAKE MONEY BY BUYING MY BULLSHIT COURSE lol. Its like in highschool with the casino ad pop ups lmao

  4. I don’t understand the Bitcoin thing. Seems like some new form of currency that you don’t actually own. I’ll look at bitcoin when China starts looking into it the same way they do bonds LOL.

    I can understand being adaptable to the period that you’re in, but ownership is always the difference between those who have and those who wish they had.

    The whole “don’t buy a house thing” is spouted by people who generally come from upper middle class/wealthy backgrounds who can afford to play the vagabond role since they have assets inbred into their lives. This is why I always mention to people to look at the background of who you’re taking advice from. Because they’re generally speaking only from their worldview and to people who grew up like them. The whole “don’t own anything” is silly for people who aren’t already well off since they don’t own anything anyway. And if they continue that path, they will only exacerbate their poverty.

    I’m wary of any person spouting the “don’t own anything” line. Because generally those people don’t even follow their own advice.

    • For the past five years I have endured renaming the same CON. Life coaches , inspirational speakers and now tech gurus. They didnt know so they roll from one trend to another. I only decided to speak cuz mfers were asking me why I dont speak on it. Homie I cant let them prey on my folk cuz they’ll try any educated form of the lottery… especially when other so called ineffectuals speak on it.

      I was hoping the ownership line woukd hit hime and it seems like it worked. Moving on…War!

  5. great series so far been listening to it while I drive . I’m surprised you watch black ink . I thought you where not into that type of foolery . But I kinda get it I watch the black ink crew Ny edtion . And take away the foolery I got cant knock cease he is a black man with three tattoo shops and he has black artist working giving the shine on the show. So I cant look down on that man and the tattoos empire he is building .

    I guess success does always look like how we she in the movies.
    oh by the way been watching blue collar millionaries recently it opened my eyes to see how many ways there is to make a mill out here. gotta make sure to keep my self aabrest to new angles

    • Bruh im hust a regular man how I attack the game has nothing to do with fvckery I may enjoy. People who are traditionally intelligent think its a lifestyle but it aint. They are actually not whole and syre of theirselves and feel lesser than in front of others. Money is made vy the evil and wretched and grabbing women by yhe pussy and they feel no fear or embarrasment primarily because who llistens to the broke but also because they are self made.

      Just make money brother these theoretical mfers will still be at seminars and investing off of heresay. Be free brothwr you earned it and will continue to earn it.

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