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In this game we all start off fluid with no form at all and we succeed/hustle with just our instincts. After a while… after some success we start to adopt the square ways we once thought were bullshit. As time goes on you start to realize the reason why you are failing is because you bought in. As time goes on you have completely adopted the ways and thus their failing ways. It happens to all of us even to me. ENJOY!


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  1. I’m not big on the five year plan thing. Seems too far out. I like taking action steps, even small, to get something done asap. Because who knows what’s going to happen in five years or five months? Make a plan and knock down pieces until it’s done.

    Sometimes people make five year plans before they even make five dollars.

    • We all learn to plan so much that the plan is often called Hustling! Then mfers talk like at least I plan and what are you doing. Then the quote of all faggots “A man that doesn’t read has nothing over the man who cannot read” that’s the fallback of all faggots to the game. Like I’m reading Ni99a what else you want me to do?

      A lot of the time we are watching others do while we read and we think we are the same or have the same potential. Like you said small movements are better than planning for 5 years like it’s guaranteed.

  2. yeah i Agree most spend more time maaking the plan Than getting the money. If you actually go out and push the product you might reach your goal faster than you wpuld of thought. My problem is neagative thoughts creep into my mind .And A bunh of negative What ifs pop up “What if i go broke” , “what if it is A failure”. Instead Of saying “What if this Hits ” ‘What if i make 100,000 from this” . Those are thoughts i should have gone into every endavor . Always Think how this could help me ,not hurt me

    • People often think I’m crazy because everything I touch I believe is going to make me rich beyond belief. Mfers order 10 to test the market I get 1000 because I want to be able to handle the rush.

      You have to remember one thing for the rest of your life…. You have succeeded way more than you have failed in life. The reason why you remember a failure is because it rarely happens and it’s catastrophic. So next time you feel like you are about to punk out remember you are probably 99% good money in this life… you’re the only one who doesn’t believe it!

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