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Festive us for the Rest of us!. The easiest place to get into the game is at any festival that surrounds you. No background checks, no piss tests, no sign up sheets; just you paying to play. I often wonder why festivals are only listed for the arts and crafts crowd when really you have tons of people looking for anything and everything even down to saying I went to “FreeMan Festival 2017”.  I often go just to see what is selling and what kind of person is buying. Once when I was selling something someone literally just came to hear me pitch my product as I figured out how to grab everyone’s attention.

It’s a no risk and sell what you got kind of atmosphere …. AND…. it’s where people came to buy anything and guess what you got… ANYTHING! So there is a place for the rest of us who don’t know how to get started conquering our fears of hustling! ENJOY!



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  1. A dude makes 100g’s in 18days selling ice cream sandwiches at the CNE and my family tells me stop wasting time on hobbies or sitting around at home (when Im in between jobs in my kitchen learning recipes, when Im cutting sheet metal in my living room because Im not gonna pay $3G’s for a basic cart I can build myself. when Im up till 3am making graphics and costing sheets). They say it look disorganized because Im not ironing a work shirt er somethin lol

    It is what it is tho…I knew this game since high school and after 10yrs of attempting to navigate the work force-Im going back to basics man!

    • The question no one answers is do you want to make money or do you want a job! Because if we want to make money we seek the things that make money which is different from seeking a job. While the world has been conned to believe a good job is money it’s actually a self induced slavery for security. No different from brothers joining the service to get out of the ghetto it’s a trade off.

      As I said on a old interview we have traded hustling for education. If you learned how to make money before getting educated you’ll be able to break free from the bullshit. If not you’ll see opportunities an you’ll invest in them or get a franchise because money has never been made with your hands…. it has been made by so called following the smart people.

      One of the biggest regrets of my life is allowing myself to believe others who had jobs knew money. They read all fvcking day and tout knowing how to make money but still are in debt. They talk about the inequalities of the world and do nothing about it. They talk about helping people by donating to charities and calling it philanthropy. In other words I am listening to those who KNOW OF but have NEVER DONE. They read about farming but never planted a seed.

      It’s always a blessing to be WISE in the midst of SMART people. If you knew what the world was about in high school then the rest is the bullshit you learned… and of course it goes against those who want you to look good in suits but be in debt partying like you made it!

  2. Yeah I was riding with my lady talking about that exact thing…I only do what the calculator tells me to do man people just dont know better smh…

    After listinening: Lmfao man at the root level festivals ARE on that lets get together because aint shit else to do thing lol

    Yeah on my menu it was basically what can I slap 2gether in 2 seconds and scoop a toonie ($2) or a $5 and still be good. I hit a Chef supply place meat wholesalers cheese sellers and literally just jotted prices & quanitity for everything I’d need like for like fruit variations like smoothies, popsicles, hot dogs, sandwiches, tacos etc. Like everything is fast.cheap. There was some ideas I had but from prepping to cooking its just too many steps. I even looked at how to parlay machines like okay panini grill I can pop sandwiches patties and burritos on there etc. There’s so many festivals here where NOBODY got deals man its hilarious…

    Good lookin on the event list! I was telling my chick like we could just hit as many events all through the year…I’m at phase one and its all goody!

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