Festive us for the Rest of us!. The easiest place to get into the game is at any festival that surrounds you. No background checks, no piss tests, no sign up sheets; just you paying to play. I often wonder why festivals are only listed for the arts and crafts crowd when really you have tons of people looking for anything and everything even down to saying I went to “FreeMan Festival 2017”.  I often go just to see what is selling and what kind of person is buying. Once when I was selling something someone literally just came to hear me pitch my product as I figured out how to grab everyone’s attention.

It’s a no risk and sell what you got kind of atmosphere …. AND…. it’s where people came to buy anything and guess what you got… ANYTHING! So there is a place for the rest of us who don’t know how to get started conquering our fears of hustling! ENJOY!