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Everyone understands competition but it’s funny who the average person competes against. A lot of us throw in the towel before we even start the game. For a lot of us we only compete, degrade and even compare ourselves against each other. Although money is made by every race and everyone we sometimes have a block of going at them the way we go after each other. Most people don’t compete at all as it’s been pushed out of them and what they think is competition is some old cornball first in line on the plantation shit. ENJOY!


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  1. I learned this summer what it was like competing with my own supplier lol…

    Sorry this is long, if you dont want to read all that down there, my question is, when you have two angles you see, that both cost around the same to start, do you just pull the trigger on one like fuck it?! I got two strong angles. One is importing, other is food. I can cook my ass off, and I’m damn near an electrical engineer now after this summer lol. They both have some red tape and I have legal work arounds for both. They’re both seasonal. The profit I seen from the importing are strong. Only issue is pricing out the better motors/batteries and hoping it doesnt influence cost too heavily. With food, if I find the right spots, the food angle could take the fuck off! I love it and hate it too man! Im working a gig saving up for the next venture.

    To start tho I’m really thinking just keep stacking and go execute out of town. The prices for permits in Toronto cost more than double my initial inventory…a few towns over by the warehouses & factories its only a few hundred…

    Import Scenario:
    Man I learned the lesson of needing to import my own products this summer eh! I had a local supplier that started changing his own retail strategies to match mine, as well as taking super long to honor warranty repairs. I know where they get all their stuff but the crucial components are trash. I put that project on hold until I got a few dollars to order my own items from overseas. There’s also some regulations I need to clear up so I dont get my stuff seized(battery/motor regulations). A potential get around was order the frames from china and get the crucial parts from the U.S. But I have to make sure what permits are needed for building these here…I got the retail side on lock-website,video ads,pricing,everything. I’d only have to adjust the images for the new improved products.

    Food Scenario:
    After the bike business went on hold, I went and priced out everything and I’m in the location search phase. In Canada there’s a key location that’s SUPER cheap, in a small town 4hours out but its not far from one of the busiest tourist areas here. We have hella red tape for meat/dairy food items. To get around it I’m starting with popsicles and then keep a few ready made hot items on deck then toss em after a few hours(to satisfy regulations but still get customers). I dont have the funds yet but my plan is in motion towards it! I dont even plan to start with expensive equipment man they got electric grills and fryers for $200-$300. You don’t even need that much equipment I dunno why people get loans etc. They got guys renting food trucks for $2000/mnth smh. Like man I can have bomb ass cooking equipment for that and I dont even need any of that to start. I found a $700/month location out of the way of the tourist area but its still only 5min drive away. I’m thinking prep/cook at location, then load my cart when needed. I dont mind living there for the summer at all…

    Food Delivery question:
    I know you talk independance but do you see ANY logic in using a delivery company?
    On a side note while planning how to execute here in Toronto, I lined up all the paperwork/contract/fees with all those delivery companies(not much needed just website etc). What I like is the potential volume, but I hate they take 25-35%. These restaurants deliver like CRAZY man they got 4 tablets from different companies booming! Like I’ve structured the pricing and food portions to still profit but shit I can drop off my own burger and keep my money. Besides they actually have apps you can plug and play so thats an angle as well-take a min to get it all put together but thats hella money in my pocket man.

    Food Events:
    There’s also the food events but its 30 people selling the same stuff and the fees are expensive to get in. The only one that’s worth it is the CNE. Its $3500, but you’re in the largest toursit event for two weeks!

  2. Ok… OK let me answer this in parts!

    1. If it’s about money then head out of town as that town is dry and if you can monopolize the game why not. Get your money up from out of town then come back in able to pay to rock in the T.Dot. You should look up prep kitchens (rent a commercial kitchen) as you might be able to get your food prepared without renting a spot.

    2. Food Delivery is only if you need simply need to cook more food. But, in reality you can make the run or someone close to you can make the runs. 35 to 45% is sucker shit for a small business. Create the scenario through your hustle where you need them but don’t fall for that stupid shit and start using them out of convenience. You are small so 35 to 45% is a lot of dough. They are leeches not necessary so avoid them.

    3. Events are when you are ready to present a product. Right now 3500 seems like it’s not worth it to you. But access to all those people might be advantageous in the longrun. Check and see if you can share a spot with someone who doesn’t want to pay the 3500 who ain’t hustling in the lane you are. Then you can get in there… but, overall don’t pay any money you really think you can make back. We don’t want to be spectators in this game we want to ball.

    4. Importing batteries are of course regulated for Canada. You got to make sure they aren’t counterfeit as that shit could blow up. So I provided a link below so read up and if you need my help on it hit me up on backchannels as I have imported them before into the USA. It’s the Lithium Ion core that is subject to regulation so you might not be subject to it. Give Canadian customs a call on a payphone if you’re scared and tell them what you’re thinking about bringing in. Ask them if there’s any literature so you can get your ducks in a row. They have always been very helpful to me in the past.. (You might find out there’s a issue in slow delivery methods or taxes and regulations that make it not worth it at this time. As always get your money up and you’ll be able to pay to play)

  3. 1. Got those rental spots locked down. That was done right after finding out what the rents were here smfh lol. I already rolled around there during shift change and the bus stops are packed so its a go…

    2. Yeah I dont plan on using them any time soon, but through the interaction I now know how to structure mine to have free delivery and still make money!

    3. Its a lil steep but because its so many people at one location thats the first big event Im gonna hit. CNE is two weeks of millions of people (1.5million 2016). But before I do that I’ll start hitting all the places nobody’s paying attention to. I stopped some people like “where yall eat lunch at?!” pointed at a lame ass donut shop

    4. Come on man I aint hiding in a phone booth lookin like Lionel Richie “Hello?! Its batteries Im looking to import?!” Lmao. On reals Im considering getting some cells to build my own packs for these bikes in the future so thanks for the link!!

    Man you ever feel like ya head is gonna blow up from all the ideas though?! Like EVERY OTHER HOUR I gotta jot something down,a idea a phone number a jingle a ad a video concept-but not for just ONE thing Freeman this shit is like cleaning restaurant motorcycles auto detailing candy bar manufacturing popsicles like MAN!!!

    I still make sure I write it down tho!

  4. I think people hesitate to compete, in some cases, because they feel they don’t have tools to. They feel they need $10K just to start. They need the right “connect.” They need the right downtown space in the trendy neighborhood.

    When they can just hit Alibaba or the wholesale spots in every major city and cop some product and be on the corner or Ebay/Amazon by that afternoon.

    The tools are cheaper than what they may think.

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