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They are mine and only for the world if I want them to be. My will be done homie, which means I own it, control it, and nurture it. Despite the world telling you the natural way is to be manipulated I stand saying that doesn’t make any sense. With the realization of my gifts comes the blowback from those who think the nature of a BlackMan is to find others to help us bring them into being! So when you wonder why I’m not like the rest of them it’s simple they are my gifts not yours and I’m willing to kill for them. ENJOY!


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  1. Great podacst . but on a side note i did first hear about you on tariq nasheeds podacst . thats first time i heard of you. it took me year after hearing that to start follwing your work

  2. LOL side note… a lot of people were on both Tariq and BossMack so I know people came over from those features. The core of the podcast is saying I’m the maker the owner and guardian of my gifts while you may have stumbled upon me from others you stay because of what I speak over the beats

  3. This one was raw and in ya face! The most power people don’t pimp themselves out in public. They stay in shadows like the Wizard of Oz!

  4. I see you aint playin with dudes trick or treating with their business card. Pulling out the strap on dudes LMAO

    Being put on is such a thing in society that anyone who wants to own and control something 100 percent is seen as out of the loop. So many people believe in the Shark Tank way.

    • As a BlackMan me owning things goes against the masses belief system. The fact that I don’t seek, desire or plan using them as my allies, hookup or financier causes more problems.

      A leech is sometimes prescribed by the doctor to suck a poison out of your body. In due time the leech sucks more out of you than the poison. Most of the time your body will suffer but heal itself without the leech. So when a man starts to question the Doctor it represents a loss of faith in the title, the profession and ultimately the institution that appointed him.

      I’d rather suffer than make a deal with the devil!

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