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Why even look for it because we are here to make money! “Hurry up and Buy” The game got so many of you guys asking deep questions and trying to know what this person is really about when it’s not that important. So much of this world is filled with misdirection and misinformation you actually think you need to know the person you are taking money from. Be like a vending machine just give the product for a profit! ENJOY!


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  1. This makes me think of customer service and how people/companies put extras on it. I’ve always felt that customer service is overrated. Most people just want to get what they want quickly and easily. Having your reps do all the extra “gee, it’s so nice to see you” is not needed and is fake. Because no one gives a f#ck how they’re doing.

    The customer wants a sandwich

    The company wants that $5

    Same thing applies to working a gig or business. Everybody just wants to get the transaction done, so they can go on with life. And if that gets done quickly and easily, that’s what counts.

    It’s like all that “we’re a team” and “we need to spend time together outside of work” sh#t. No, motherf#cker. I’m just here to get a check for the next few weeks or months. You don’t really want to know me and I don’t really want to know you. Let’s just do what we have to do and go home. It’s a transaction, and I only need to know you enough to know whether or not you’ll get in the way of the check by snitching at the manager meeting.

    I always laughing the entire listen on this one! Easy five vs hard five is real LMAO

    • That easy or hard five is like lesson one in doing for self. After you get past just being happy you wish the money came to you without you doing shit but handing over the product. We have to stop wanting those who make money to love us like we make their day.

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