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This Podcast was inspired by a little blurb I read on Facebook. After digging deeper for really just a picture I found whole podcasts on youtube discussing the Educated Lame. I decided to put my own spin on it when it comes to the R&G and here it is for your enjoyment. I am sure I qualify for a educated lame too but growing up without much I’m sure I ignored all this shit on the way to my own. It’s funny what you miss out on when you don’t care to be part of the masses. ENJOY!


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  1. I know way too many people that go in the “educated lame” category…

  2. You nailed it. They’re called lames because they have not one thing to show for how their way works. You mean you’ve got a bunch of education and yet you know how to do nothing? You’ve not used that education to make your life, your family’s life and your community’s life less beholden to your oppressors? The only way to be like them is to go from field slave to house slave? From working for massa with your hands to working for massa with your head and your genteel mannerisms?

    Yet they peacock. Yet they boast of being “educated.” Yet they boast of being “one of the only blacks” at their job. Yet they congregate to pat themselves on the back for being part of the “talented tenth.” LMAO

    Then when they get sold to the Deep South (aka fired), they can’t cope.

  3. @Vann – bruh me being the invisible ni99a on the way up allowed me to be in the convos with many a kat who thought pushed out their chest like I’m educated and I’m special. No one asks them to be more than just finishing a damn degree. No one asks them to really lead anything but they get to dress in suits and be the spokesperson for what all the lowly negroes need to aspire to.

    In no way am I trying to bring down educated folk but, build something and the respect and adoration you so desire will naturally come into being!

    @MCD85 – When a man says follow me he’d better have a direction. So people often give them a pass by saying at least they graduated. At least they have a job. At least they bought a house. At least, At least At least is the minimum these folk do.

    Now that the digital age has arrived we see other ways of making money without education or in conjunction with a education. So now all these at least motherfvckers are catching feelings. You can’t just say I’m smart anymore cuz even the hood shows deeds. So now you are left with people who feel attacked for being educated when in reality you are being attacked for not doing anything with your education besides graduating.

  4. My point exactly, Freeman!!! Actions always speak louder than words.

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