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Whose game are you in trying to change things? You surely aren’t changing your own game otherwise you wouldn’t call it a game at all it would just be your life. We have way more say and power in this life to waste it trying to change someone else’s game. The ultimate game changer is to do for self and then they won’t have as many slaves to pick their cotton. Game Changers is educated slang for a motivated slave who can changes the fortunes of his master by simply putting him in their games!

Game Changers: Beat Anything and Change Everything …. for your own benefit, empire, legacy and life! GOD.


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  1. Real talk. People too many times wait on some separate person or force to change their life when it’s them that will either change their life or not. You either decide to be, do and have different or you simply won’t.

    You either use the the gig to get what you need at that moment. Or you let the gig become a “career” and let them use you like a ho. Like your example of getting the job, so you can look good on paper to get the house. That’s using the gig for what you need and leaving. But most wouldn’t even think of something like that. Not trying to “be” something for them but using them to get what you need and then dipping out before the ink dries.

    You either move for independence or become dependent on others for your life and how you move in life. Which leads to a slave-filled life.

    It reminds me of what you said in Bluff and Liar. Using whatever tactic is needed to get what you need for that 3, 6 or 12 months and then dipping. No need in staying around long enough to build something for someone else. Only stay around long enough to get what’s needed to build something for you.

  2. I’m starting to realize when it comes to money , you have to recognize who is the fool in the room. From job interviews, to negotiations, etc. someone in the room is the fool. Also, the mayweathervsmcgregor fight , there was some good business lessons for everybody to learn from the business side of the event especially marketing

  3. @McD85 – If you don’t watch it you’ll get caught up in titles and parking spaces. They will send you out like a dog to fetch a prize and say if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be champions. Until we have our own we play someone else’s game and those who think they are winning are a fool.

    The emotion that slows down independence is recognition. People would rather be famous than rich. GameChanger is just another word from the devil to sidetrack you from getting your own.

    @Phil – Bruh if you aren’t reaping what you sow then you are a fool straight up.

    MayVGregor just showed you that you can Con white folks if you find a white man they believe in. Racial pride shows up everytime the great white hope is created. The hope can be Croation, Swedish and now Irish as long as he’s white. It lets you know how much they want to prove they are the superior race.

  4. Are you one of the guys that were on the 20 sack pyramid skits from the chronic 1992? Because one of the podcasts you did reminded me of the skit.

    • No homie I’m not on there as I was too young to be on that shit. But, the skits are always in the back of my head as I have my whole life with rap music as my soundtrack. So if there’s a connection blame Compton and rap music! LOL

  5. Ight my bad lol… my brother had the tape when I was 5 and I hit UTube and play some tracks from it… It clicked when I was with my girl riding to a podcast and outta nowhere I was like “THATS THE DUDE FROM THE 20 SACK PYRAMID!” on that one part when the dude’s like “uh..uh…socks an shit?!” She had no clue what the hell I was talkin about she barely 20 lmao

    See in America y’all think everyone in Canada lives in igloos-In Canada we think Compton has only 15 people and y’all all famous lol

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